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Rakhi Sawant Believes She And Her Family Won’t Contract COVID And Don. Why? Because Oh Jejus!

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There are covidiots, who go to Goa to partay, pull down their mask while talking on the phone, and curse the government for lockdowns. And then, there are COVIDIOTS. They’re a special brand of stupid, because they believe that coronavirus in too hyped it. Or worse, that they will never contract COVID because they’re healthy or their God will protect them, and so they don’t need to be careful, wear masks and get their vaccine shots. This second category is much worse, because not only do they put their own lives at risk, they also end up donating effectively to COVID’s mission to infect as many humans as possible. And as per her latest video, Rakhi Sawant is clearly a member of this category, because she believes she and her family will never get infected. Why? Because Oh Jejus!


In a video posted by Viral Bhayani, Rakhi Sawant can be seen stepping out for a coffee run. As the paparazzi ask her for sound bytes, she breaks down as she expresses her condolences to fellow Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli, who recently lost her brother to COVID-19. She talked about the fear that she felt, as she heard so many people, including Deepika Padukone and her family, contracting COVID. The paps asked her about Sambhavana Seth, who had sought help on social media to find a bed for he father in Delhi, after he tested positive. Rakhi told them that she had spoken to her, and Sambhavana had finally gotten a bed for her father.

Rakhi even expressed her heartbreak over how the people in the country were suffering, how the dead were being cremated minus dignity, and how she felt helpless because she couldn’t do anything other than pray for everyone, and make as many calls as she could to help.

That is when she offered that her and her family’s vaccine doses be given away to those in need. Because she and her family would never get COVID, according to Rakhi. And why is that? Because they have the ‘holy blood of Jesus’ in their body, and that will protect them. Oh and also, because she doesn’t have any bad habits, other than her temper.

Mujhe corona nahi ho sakta, mujhe kabhi nahi hoga, kyunki mere shareer mein mere Yeshu ka pavithra lahoo hai. Isliye mujhe corona aur meri family ko nahi ho sakta,” she said.


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Appreciate the sentiment, Rakhi Sawant. But really? *sighs loudly*

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I know you’re all like, “My God, she stopped talking about Kangana Ranaut and moved on to Rakhi Sawant. Why?” But I mean, just look at this peak COVIDIOT behaviour and tell me how can we avoid talking about this? Because maybe this is all an attention seeking stunt. But from experience, we know, that there are so many people, including some of our politicians even, who believe in things like ‘gaumutra can cure COVID’. In fact, did you know that in March this year, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) agreed to fund a clinical trial at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Rishikesh, to determine whether chanting the Gayatri Mantra and doing Pranayama, can help with the quality of recovery and cure COVID-19 quicker in a some patients!

Look, it might all help in some little way, because ultimately human faith is a powerful source of strength, and has worked miracles often, helping people push the boundaries of what our human bodies can do. But really, when it comes to something as uncertain as a pandemic of a virus that is rapidly mutating and could destroy us in so many ways, it would be foolish to put so much faith… in faith. Especially when we know that the people in our country are so gullible when it comes to things like God and religion.

Don’t worry Rakhi Sawant, the CMO of Maharashtra has assured that they will vaccinate everyone, that too free of cost. So your vaccine dose is your vaccine dose, none of anybody else’s vaccine dose. Just, please, take the damn shot.

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