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Radhika Apte Says People Should Stop Doing Surgeries, Then Talk About ‘Natural Beauty’ On Social Media

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I’m a fan of the old Bollywood, from the 70s to the early 2000s. I love everything (almost) about the movies back then—the songs, storyline, acting, actors, actresses, etc. Yes, of course, there was a lot of sexism and patriarchal ideas in the movies, but I believe the plotline to be way more sensible than some of the movies made now. What I like even more is watching these old actresses coming out on shows. I mean the grace with which they have aged is just so beautiful. But unfortunately, it can’t be said for actresses these days. These days there are so many actresses who do all kinds of surgeries to fit a certain type or meet the industry’s beauty standards. And they are often called out by other actresses; just like Radhika Apte spoke about how many celebrities talk about being ‘natural’ on social media after going through many surgeries.

Bollywood actress Radhika Apte in an interview said that many prominent celebrities talk about going natural and uploading pictures on social media without editing or applying filters but they are also the ones going through surgeries to look a certain way.



Radhika Apte said, “I think people should also stop doing surgeries, and then talk about natural beauty.” Talking about herself and filters, she said that she is into edited and unedited photographs. And edited for her means using filters on photographs she is uploading on social media. Radhika explained, “I think everybody knows how my face looks without makeup, there’s nothing to hide there. Sometimes I am just really bored of doing makeup but the brand expects me to, so I just put up a filter as I can’t be bothered to do my makeup.”

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Having 3.4 million followers on Instagram, there is no doubt that Radhika Apte has gone through her fair share of trolling on the internet. When asked about how she deals with it, the reports state that the Sacred Game actress said, “Normally not, I never read comments. A couple of times in the lockdown I happened to read something and it disturbed me. Not because it made me uncomfortable but it’s just that there is so much hatred and negativity in people’s hearts. It’s very difficult to see that, it just feels very heavy.”

Talking about her initial days in Bollywood, Radhika Apte confessed to having faced a lot of gender disparity and disparity also because she was an outsider. She believes that disparity for outsiders is still there and also there for those who don’t have the conventional look or age. 

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Radhika Apte is known not only for her bold choices in movies but also for her bold outlook towards things. She is one of those few actresses who are not afraid to speak their mind, and that is one of the many things that I like about her. I honestly liked the way she opened up about using filters for her social media posts and did not pretend to be ‘natural. And I guess, we could have more of such honest actresses in the industry.

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