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Nicole Richie’s Hair Catches Fire From Birthday Cake Candles. It’s A Real Nightmare For Ladies With Long Locks!

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Most women around the world get complimented for their hair. And rightly so. But growing out these luscious locks and maintaining them is not an easy task. Just ask any woman. The longer they are the more difficult it gets to maintain them, trust me I would know. This is because no matter what the length of your hair is, it is always prone to knots, getting tangled with your hair tie, and sometimes even catching fire. Yep! In a scary video that went viral, American socialite and TV star Nicole Richie is seen screaming as her hair catches fire at her own birthday party, from the candles on her own birthday cake!

In the video, which Nicole herself shared on her Instagram, she is seen screaming as her hair catches fire while she is trying to blow out her birthday candles. She leans ahead to blow out the candles on her birthday cake and the next thing we see is her hair catching fire. Nicole wrote a funny caption for it, “Well… so far 40 is 🔥” The video had over 2.8 million views and concerned netizens also commented asking if she was okay and wishing her a happy birthday at the same time.


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While this can seem like a funny blooper in hindsight, the face that women who leave their hair open face these kind of situations as a perennial hazard is a scary reality! How many times have we had food and drink get caught in our long hair, when we wear it down. Or worse, it gets caught in car doors, or random places, in zippers when we’re pulling down an item of clothing and what not. But this, catching fire while we bend down to blow a candle, that stuff is really scary!


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Honestly, that video is my personal nightmare. It can happen to anyone and imagine that happening to you on your birthday. Umm… no thanks! Maintaining hair is not easy – especially when they are prone to just about anything. So, all you ladies out there with those gorgeous locks, please be careful and flaunt them just about everywhere—except near fire, maybe? 

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