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Men on Reddit Reveal The ‘Flaws’ In Female Body They Find Attractive That Women Generally Hate About Themselves

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Women have insecurities. We shouldn’t, but we most certainly do and there’s no point denying that because it isn’t exactly our fault. We have been fed this wrong idea of beauty since forever and we are conditioned to believe that we need to look a certain way. Fair, lean and tall—you get the gist. Plus, we come across these nearly flawless faces on social media (most of which are heavily touched up) every day, which makes us feel bad about our crooked teeth or double chin or nose. I mean, is there any woman who loves her nose? Well, it took us some time to realise that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes (nose included) and we are finally on our way to self-acceptance and reclaiming love for ourselves. However, there are still some imperfections (let’s get rid of that word while we are at it), that women struggle to find beautiful like acne, wrinkles and belly rolls, mainly because we think they aren’t attractive at all. Someone on Reddit was curious about what are some features and flaws women usually detest in themselves that men love, and Reddit men obliged.

The user who started this wholesome thread posted, “Men of reddit, what have women been taught to hate about their bodies that you actually love?” Okay, TBH I was expecting the usual and common answers like stretch marks and dark circles. But the answers left me both impressed and surprised. From saggy boobs to acne to crow’s feet and even big forehead, these men disclosed that they find beauty in every tiny imperfection that women mostly obsess over, and how! Here are some answers that completely blew us over.

Men of reddit, what have women been taught to hate about their bodies that you actually love? from r/AskReddit

First up, boobs! Yes, we know men love them, can’t get enough of them. But did you know not just perfectly rounded and big ones but all shapes are sizes are gorgeous in a man’s eyes? A user wrote, “There is no such thing as a bad shape or size for boobs (i.e. too big, too small, size difference too great, and on and on). If they exist and you are willing to share them, there is someone, somewhere that will view them as the absolute best thing ever. There’s a quote that says, ‘All dog owners think they have the best dogs. And they’re all correct.’ By the same token, ‘Many women think their boobs are flawed in some way. They are all wrong.’” Okay, the example he used might be a bit weird but the man’s got a point.

Women with big foreheads do everything in their power to hide the extra room before the hairline by getting bangs and what not. But that distinctive feature is what some men actually find quite attractive. A user wrote, “I love a big forehead. I didn’t even realize it was my thing until I was showing my niece some pictures of ex girlfriends and she said, ‘Wow, all these women have big foreheads!’”

It’s no secret that women constantly obsess over belly rolls and those extra kilos they gain post child birth because they have been conditioned to believe that curvy is not beautiful. A woman on Reddit shared how she began loving her belly fat after she realised her husband loves them. She wrote, “I got a little pouch after I had my daughter. My husband always grabs/squished/kisses it anytime its exposed and I HATEDDDDD it for so long… but over the last few years his love for it has made me start to not hate it so much. So, thats cool.”

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Other men also talked about how they love weirdest of flaws that women wouldn’t think of appreciating in them in a million years. A user wrote, “Crows feet. Women get all freaked out but i’m like nahh it’s cute AF IMO.” Another said he found lisp, a common speech disorder which created difficulty in pronouncing consonants with “s” is sexy, “I also love women who speak with a lisp. So sexy.” A user wrote, “That flab under the shoulder where the bra wraps around? I forget if it has a name. That stuff cute as hell.” He’s talking about sleevage and I didn’t know it could be “cute as hell.”

Women on the thread were as overwhelmed with the answers as I am. One wrote, “I’m a female and I nearly cried reading these answers. I have so many of the things you’ve all listed and I’ve spent so many years hating my body, so thank you – really.” No to say that you should start embracing and appreciating your flaws because the opposite gender finds them attractive but these answers show that there is absolutely nothing that could be unappealing in a woman. Skin issues are natural, lean figure is not easy to attain and perfection is a myth. You are beautiful no matter how flawless you are and you should celebrate that fact. We all should.

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