Katrina Kaif Dishes The Deets On The Lifestyle Changes She’s Made Over The Years To Contribute To Sustainable Fashion. We Are Taking Notes!

Katrina Kaif Dishes The Deets On The Lifestyle Changes She’s Made Over The Years To Contribute To Sustainable Fashion. We Are Taking Notes!

The pandemic has put a lot of things in perspective and one of them is that we can’t afford to be reckless with our planet. I never realised how mindlessly I used to spend on clothes and hoarded heaps of garments I didn’t even need until stores went completely shut for a long course of time and I didn’t run out of clothes. Sustainable fashion is the way forward and a lot of celebrities are also making a strong case for repeating, reusing and recycling clothes now more than ever. One of the celebs who have adopted the green way of living and is proving to be quite a trendsetter in that area is Katrina Kaif.

Kaif is a staunch supporter of sustainable fashion and it shows. How? She repeating her outfits, is associated with brands like Reebok which are the frontrunners of the eco-friendly fashion movement and she is often seen wearing sustainable brands. In fact, her entire wardrobe for movie Jagga Jaasos exclusively consisted of sustainable clothes. Talking about her collab with Reebok recently, she revealed that sustainable fashion is really important to her and how she has made minor changes over the years to support the cause and live an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you aren’t following environmental-friendly practices, you need to hear this and adopt these habits too for a sustainable future.


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When asked about what sustainable fashion means to her, Kaif said, “My idea of sustainable fashion is to use products that are organic and sustainable in nature.” She further gave pointers on how she thinks one can contribute to it. She said, “A few changes that I adapted to be eco-friendly and I recommend others to follow too are: Buy only what you need and don’t believe in compulsive shopping, limit the use of plastic items as much as possible, always keep reading about sustainability and educate yourself in order to contribute towards sustainable fashion, always share your knowledge with others to create and spread more awareness.” And, last but not the least, backing local artisans working for sustainable ideas is the way to go, according to her. She culminated the answer with, “Most importantly, support fellow artisans with their innovations and vision about an eco-friendly future.” That’s not too difficult, is it?

She also encouraged everyone to adapt these minor changes and live a sustainable lifestyle before jumping on the bandwagon of the fair fashion movement. She said, “Before adapting to sustainable fashion, I believe a person needs to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle, be it the products that we use on a daily basis or the food that we use in our homes. Once we start adapting sustainable practices in our daily routines, our fashion choices will also start to improve.” I think it’s so important to be a conscious citizen before being a conscious customer. If we think about sustainability as the only way of living, making ethical choices in fashion would come naturally to us.

I have jotted down the pointers and to begin with, I am throwing all the plastic away tomorrow.

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