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The Khalsa Aid Group Is Providing Free Sanitary Pads To Women Farmers Facing Problems With Menstrual Hygiene During The Protests Against Farm Laws.

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Up until a few years ago, menstruation was a complete taboo subject. Women would whisper about it and sanitary napkins would be wrapped and hidden away. I would really like to say we have come a long way since then but the truth is, we have only taken a few steps forward. But hey, something is better than nothing right? We might be far from make menstrual products free and easily accessible to women, as Scotland did, but we are still moving toward destigmatization of menstruation. Don’t believe me? Consider the fact that the Khalsa Aid Group offered free sanitary napkins to the women farmers who had gathered around the Delhi border to protest the centre’s farm laws. 

As thousands of women protesters gathered near the Delhi border to protest the government’s contentious farm laws, one of the biggest issues the women faced was the lack of menstrual hygiene. While people from neighbouring villages opened their doors and offered the women a safe place to take a bath and gave them hot water, there are no facilities for menstrual hygiene and that is a glaring problem for the women protestors. 

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To combat this, the Khalsa Aid Group have decided to take action. They set up temporary and portable toilets for men and women. The team is also supplying sanitary napkins for the women in need. 

This is such a lovely initiative. Menstrual hygiene is a very serious issue. Especially when the women farmers are marching from Punjab to Delhi. Hopefully, this act of kindness will influence others to help women fight for menstrual hygiene as well.  

Earlier, the Khalsa Aid Group had set up make-shift kitchens to provide the farmers who are marching to Delhi, with food. 

This is a really amazing initiative.

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