Hautetalk: Spanish Federation Accusing Jenni Hermoso Of Lying Is Giving Flashbacks Of Wrestlers’ Protests

How everyone jumps the chance to gaslight a woman!

Imagine a female football player who played a pivotal role in bringing home the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy only to get accused by authorities that she is lying about being abused. If you still did not get the context, I am talking about Jenni Hermoso, the Spanish football player who accused Spanish federation chief Luis Rubiales of abuse. But instead of coming out in support of Hermoso, the Spanish Football Federation is accusing her of lying. Do you see how an important organisation is collectively protecting an abuser while openly gaslighting the victim?

After the glorious victory of the Spanish team, Luis Rubiales who was, apparently, congratulating the female team players, kissed Jenni on the lips without her consent. Jenni made her stand clear that she did not want to be kissed like that. Spanish federation chief Luis Rubiales has denied all allegations of misbehaving with Jenni Hermoso, even though it is seen plainly on camera that he crossed a line.

Protesting this, the Spanish football team has said that they will not play any international game until Rubiales Royal Spanish Football Federation chief. He has also been suspended by FIFA for 90 days but the Spanish Federation claims that Jenni is lying about the kiss.

Do you see how shockingly this case is similar to the wrestlers’ protest in India? When a man in a position of power is called out for his wrongdoings, he gets protection while his victims are gaslit in public and accused of lying. How did the justice system get so twisted that the woman has to face such humiliation on the global level even when she is the victim of abuse?

Singer Chinmayee Sripadaa and journalist Rituparna Chatterjee have been vocal about how unfair and shocking this incident is. Misogynists are also talking about how Jenni should have pushed the Rubiales away if she did not want to be kissed but how could she when, as women, we are conditioned to stay mum about it? When we are taught not to make a scene about it? Such unwarranted sexual advances traumatise women at the moment who freeze and don’t know what to do about it.

In a day and age when the #MeToo movement shed light on so many sexual predators who were all powerful men in prominent positions, are we really going to undo the efforts of this movement? The victims are not even believed, let alone being given the benefit of the doubt, whereas the perpetrator walks free. Incidents like this and the wrestlers’ protest stigmatise other women who have suffered abuse and make them crouch even further from reporting their abusers.

How many times will women have to walk through fire to prove that they are indeed innocent? Was Sita’s fire test not enough for society to believe a woman? Mankind is advancing greatly in terms of technology so when will be intelligent enough to not victim-blame a woman when she was abused on camera on the world stage?

This is for all those who are always asking for proof of abuse from a woman. Jenni Hermoso was kissed without consent by Luis Rubiales on camera, the world witnessed it, and this is not proof enough. So, proof of abuse is only when a woman is screaming and shouting and visibly paraded naked on camera, oh wait. Even that happened (Manipur incident) and see how it all fizzled out.

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We hope more support comes pouring in for Jenni Hermoso and Luis Rubiales faces the harshest punishment for his misdemeanour. Because we cannot afford to see another woman bearing the brunt of patriarchy when she courageously stood up against it.

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