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Groom Couldn’t Wear His Wedding Attire So He Showed Up In A Pair Of Shorts

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Men are not too concerned about fashion and would literally throw on the first they find in their fresh pile of clothes (if fresh, at all). I know #notallmen, but most of them are like that. They can wear the same shoes for work, weddings and workout and show up in the same shirt on three consecutive dates without even realising. It’s weird for us ladies who actually put in a lot of thought and efforts in dressing up for every tiny occasion. Men on the other hand just don’t care about clothes. That’s fine because at least they take the pain to dress for their own wedding right and save us the humiliation? Right? Yeah, see again…#notallmen! This Indonesian groom showed up in just a pair of red shorts to his wedding, which is a stunt only a man can pull off.  

In the wedding pictures that are going viral and would be unforgettable for the couple, the groom is wearing the shorts and nothing on top. The reason behind this little fashion faux pas was pretty understandable though. The groom had an accident a few days prior to the wedding and apparently couldn’t fit into his attire which explains the shoulder cast and bandages on his body. According to an Indonesian newspaper, the bride Elinda Dwi Kristiani said, “My husband Suprapto was involved in an accident while he went out to buy petrol. He suddenly lost consciousness on the way, then he fell off the motorcycle.” 

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He had undergone a shoulder surgery recently which made it difficult for him to wear anything, especially the heavy traditional wedding attire. So he did the next best thing–wore his shorts and showed up to the wedding. The way we see it though, it’s pretty amazing of him to get up and get married in whatever he could manage to put on rather than keeping his bride waiting until he was fit again. Wedding planning takes months and a lot of money goes into advance booking which means calling it off is not the best option, financially. She is one lucky woman to have someone who would come even with broken bones and nothing fancy just to marry her.  

I can’t help but wonder if a woman would have done the same on the most important day of her life. I mean, I can’t speak for anyone but I wouldn’t have had my wedding injured and in simple clothing on my big day. Nor do I know a man who would show up in shorts and risk becoming a meme material for the internet just to marry his woman. That is some real romantic shiz and we are loving this. We also love the fact that the bride didn’t compromise on her bridal look and didn’t dress down to match her groom. She was glammed up in traditional Javanese wedding attire and looked gorgeous. Told you, it’s the most important day of our lives. But full points to the groom who, even in just the minimal clothing, did show up rather than postponing the wedding. That’s the kind of commitment we all expect from you gentlemen! 

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