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Redditors Speak Their Heart Out On The Do’s And Dont’s At A Wedding And You Might Agree With Most Of Them!

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There’s still some time for my marriage but it is a topic that you start thinking about quite early. Oh, okay, here I am not referring to a guy, but the preparations of your marriage. We have personal choices for sure but most of our opinions on this are based on experiences after attending someone else’s wedding party. Now, in India, you will all agree that weddings are a huge deal, I mean the preparations start months before the final date. From booking the venue to the decorations, and food, for some reason, it has been a grand affair. But with changing times, the wedding choices of couples are also changing and now we have become pickier. So a Reddit user posed a very relevant question to the public to discuss this topic on a social platform. The user by the name checkmoney66 asked the Redditors about the one thing that they want/ do not want people to do at the weddings. And it looks like people were just waiting for someone to start this discussion because they all flooded the comment sections with their opinions on the same. 

What’s something that people need to start/stop doing at weddings? from AskWomen

One of the users just decided to get up and choose violence. Because this person just spoke the damn truth straightaway. The Reddit user clearly stated that the attendees of the wedding are least interested in the decorations, and their entire focus is on the food and drinks. I couldn’t agree more with this, in fact, it’s quite visible if you attend any wedding function. I mean, all that stays with us how good the food was!

Another user chose to shoot some honest opinions on currently the biggest trends in marriages and that is “Destination Weddings”. As per this Reddit user, this is just a waste of resources like money and time. But he spoke on behalf of the attendees, by the way. The user legit seemed frustrated at attending destination weddings because of all the expenses one has to incur, saath me gift alag se! I agree it does create a big hole in the pocket to attend such weddings. But, isn’t it like exciting too, especially if the wedding is of someone close to you, at least I would just make these expenses for someone I love.

Okay, someone has given an interesting reason why people choose to opt for destination weddings and it is hilarious, and true as well!

Aha, this definitely people should stop doing! Asking other couples about their wedding dates in someone else’s marriage. As for us Indians. this torture is borne by the bachelors of the house who are 25 and above.

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A Reddit user also brought up the weird custom in the United Kingdom in which people “smash cakes” on the couple’s face because apparently, it is a sign of good luck. Well, the point is that this just makes all the money spent on makeup end up in a trash bin. Glad, there’s nothing like this in India, our makeup can only suffer because of humidity.

Okay, another very interesting and honest opinion by a Reddit, and we have often seen this go viral on social media too is proposing to your bae in someone’s wedding ceremony. This is impossible in India, BTW!

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There’s clearly a lot in everyone’s mind that they absolutely do not want people to do at weddings. Most of the answers just highlighted what should be stopped at a wedding rather than what people should start doing. So I would like to make a list of that, and entirely in the Indian context. Marriages are a beautiful bond between two people, firstly we should stop making the couples or their families feel, that there is a mandatory requirement to throw a grand party so that the unimportant people in our lives get to witness this bond. We should stop judging people for the scale on which they arrange their ceremonies. Most importantly, let’s not make weddings a big deal, and appreciate any and every kind of arrangement, even a court marriage!

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