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Paps Demanding Answers From Taapsee On Why She Was Late Is Such Entitled Behaviour. Like Bro, Calm Down!

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The paparazzi culture in the Indian film industry is getting toxic with every passing day. Whenever I see a paparazzi video on social media, I feel it reeks of entitlement from the photographers’ end, almost sounding like they are doing a favour to the actors and actresses by clicking their pictures. On many occasions in the past, the paps have also gotten rude to the artists, invaded their privacy, and thronged them in huge crowds, making them uncomfortable. This behaviour of the paps is not acceptable at all. Recently, Taapsee Pannu got in an argument with the paps who demanded answers from her as to why she was late to the event!

In the video that was shared on the Instagram handle of a news portal, the photographers immediately formed a crowd and began asking her to pose for them. But one of them in the group started shouting and asking her again and again why she had come to the event so late and that they were ‘waiting’ for her for two hours now. They repeatedly asked her the same thing which annoyed Taapsee, and rightly so!


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Taapsee, in a very respectfully tone, clarified that she had arrived at the given time when the event organisers asked her to and she had been punctual. She also asked the paps to talk to her with respect as she is doing the same with them. In the video, towards the end, Taapsee also went on to say that every time it is only the actor’s fault.

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There was nothing wrong that Taapsee did. The sheer audacity and entitlement of the paparazzi to demand answers from her as to why she is late to the event are ridiculous! Their job is just to click pictures of the stars and nothing else. We stand by Taapsee for handling the situation with much grace and poise.

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