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‘Pandya Store’ Actress Simran Budharup Hits Back At Troll For Sending Her Rape And Death Threats. We’re So Proud Of Her!

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Sometimes people can cross any line for their favourite celebrity, films or even a television show. You may have seen a fandom getting into a heated debate online or troll another who seems to harm their favourites. Recently, Simran Budharup and Shiny Doshi from the hit television series Pandya Store became the target for online hate and bullying. Both the actresses have been receiving hateful remarks from people who are claiming that they are ShiVi fans which is a shipping name of two characters from the show, Shiva played by Kanwar Dhillon and Raavi played by Alice Kaushik. This time, the trolls went too far and gave rape threats to the actress Simran Budharup but she didn’t let it slide this time and slammed the haters for using such derogatory language for her.

Pandya Store is a popular television show on Star Plus, the story features three couples, and seems like the fandom is divided into three sections. Shiva and Raavi played by Kanwar and Alice have a huge fanbase but their popularity turned a little negative for Simran Budharup who plays the character of Rishita in Pandya Store. The actress is receiving a lot of rape and death threats from ShiVi fans. At first, she decided to ignore them but when the so-called fans crossed every line of decency, she decided to confront the obsessed fan.

On Sunday, Simran Budharup went LIVE with the troll and attempted to have a conversation with her about her derogatory behaviour. The troll, who seemed to be quite young, refused to show her face in the video. The actress then went on to shame the troll for using abusive language. Simran also shared a screenshot of the messages she has received from the troll. Sharing the video and picture, she wrote, “These are the kind of msgs that I’ve been receiving (death threats, rape threats and abusive slang) only from shivi fans. This girl didn’t even have the audacity to show her face. I’m going to call out all these small kids and make sure it reaches their parents. Inke maa baap ko pata hona chahiye ke inke bacche social media ke naam pe kya karte hai. I feel super Pity for these kids but it’s high time to file a complaint against them. Tujhe Toh main dhoondh ke rahungi.”

Take a look at the post here:

In the comment section, her fans have shown support for her and praised the actress for standing up for herself. According to the reports, Simran has filed a cyber-bullying case against the said troll. 

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Recently, Alice Kaushik and Kanwar Dhillon expressed their disappointment regarding the harassment of their co-stars by their fans. Kanwar said that such people should apologize to Shiny and Simran. Well, we agree with you, guys.  

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