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Chahatt Khanna Reveals Why She Shamed Uorfi Javed’s Fashion Sense, Says “It Was Tough To Tolerate”

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Social media is a space that allows everyone to put forth their opinions on any and everything. Sometimes it is filled with appreciation for someone, and sometimes people are being trolled. But something is always happening in this space. Amidst all this, Chahatt Khanna bashing Urofi Javed made the headlines. There was a to and fro of words that were exchanged between the two through their respective handles. However, in a recent interview, Chahatt has come out to justify her reasons for this dialogue starting in the first place.


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Chahatt Khanna who was seen in many TV serials, in a recent interview said why she took to her social media account to call out Uorfi Javed’s fashion sense. For the unversed, the clash between the two started on Saturday, when actress Chahatt Khanna wrote her opinions about Uorfi’s fashion and clothes. She had shared a picture of Uorfi and along with it she went on to question her sense of fashion and how could somebody wear a dress like that on the streets. Further, her caption read “how can media be so vulnerable” and make such people celebrities? Chahatt also slammed the media in her post and said that it is easy to buy them.  Uorfi Javed also took to her Instagram account to give a strong response to Chahatt’s post.


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In an interview with a portal, Chahatt Khanna reasoned her statements by saying that she did it only because she was losing out on patience to tolerate the “nonsense”. She further added that there was nothing as such that happened, she just wanted to speak about it for a long time and so she did. Chahatt also stated that Uorfi replied to all of this as per her “own level.” going by the report.

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Both of them were equally wrong when it came to shaming each other.

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