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Makers Of ‘Anupamaa’ Respond To Fans’ Disappointed Over Anuj-Anupamaa’s Sed Mehendi, But Fans Remain Angry

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If there is one show that has a fan following like never seen before then it has to be Anupamaa. Every single detail of every single episode is noticed – quite literally, nothing leaves the eyes of these fans. Especially now, that Anupamaa and Anuj’s pre-wedding rituals are taking place. However, the latest episodes have disappointed the fans quite a bit. Why? Well, because Anupamaa’s ex-husband Vanraj and his mother Baa were present for the wedding ceremonies. This move by the makers did not sit well with fans and they expressed their disappointment on Twitter. 

Yep, fans of the show Anupamaa, have taken to Twitter to protest against the presence of Anupamaa’s ex-husband Vanraj and his (quite toxic) mother, Baa. However, the makers seem to be completely unfazed by all the backlash that the show is getting.

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In fact, responding to the backlash, the makers said, “We wanted to show a middle class wedding here. Anupamaa is not rich nor is Anuj Kapadia. We wanted that bit of relatability. Not every wedding happens with elaborate mehendi and the works in the Indian middle class.”

But this answer is not an answer to the fans, since they were not talking about the scale of the wedding but rather the presence of the protagonist’s abusive ex-husband and his toxic mother. Moreover, the fans’ anger stemmed from the fact that Anupamaa and Anuj’s wedding took place in her ex-husband’s house of all the places in the world. Check out some of their tweets.

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Ngl, their anger seems valid to me. Let’s see what the makers have to say about this backlash. 

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