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Hautetalk: When Will Indian Serials Like ‘Anupamaa’ Stop Promoting Respect For Toxic Elders?

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Anupamaa has been one of the most loved and top-rated shows on television for a long time now. In the ongoing track, Anupamaa and Anuj are all set to tie the knot and the pre-wedding festivities have begun. But it looks like the fans (including me) are quite unhappy with the current track as it focuses a lot on the negative characters, namely Vanraj Shah and Baa (aka Leela Shah). In the latest episode, we saw the Shah and Kapadia family celebrating and dancing amid Anuj and Anupamaa’s Mehendi ceremony but a majority of the episode focused on Vanraj being his negative self. While I understand the importance of having a negative character in a show to keep it going, there are some things about the progressive show that have been disappointing all of us. No wonder ‘Stop Ruining Anupama’ has been trending on Twitter.

Now, before I go ahead and share my honest opinions about everything that is problematic about the show and the current track, let’s take a look at what tweeple have to say about it.

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TBH, I do agree with the netizens, all those zoom-ins and shorts of a very jealous Vanraj have been extremely annoying to watch. Considering that the current track is about the MaAn wedding, it’s disappointing to see so much of Vanraj and his negativity and mind games amid their uber-cute wedding that we’ve all been waiting for. Another thing to note is that despite Baa being so evil, both Anuj and Anupamaa gave her enough respect and love to have her name written on their hands during their Mehendi ceremony. And let me remind y’all, she is the same Baa who had cursed their wedding and has been constantly discouraging them from tying the knot and let’s not forget all the uncalled for taunts and the negativity.

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Having said that, this is not the only negativity that has been annoying me. We’ve all been taught to respect our elders but no one really talks about how to deal with toxic elders. We often come across posts on Instagram that talk about how toxic families can sometimes be but Anupamaa being a progressive show has constantly promoted respecting elders and putting up with their nonsense no matter what. So, the question here is why? Why is this progressive serial constantly showing Anupamaa respecting, loving and involving Baa in her life despite knowing that she is up to no good? Over the several episodes of this show, we have time and again seen how toxic Baa is and how she mistreats Anupamaa again and again and uses her for her personal gains. But not once have we seen Anupamaa even thinking of cutting Baa off or calling her out. What kind of lesson is this show giving the world? Respect elders even if they treat you with no respect and do not respect your boundaries? I completely understand the anger that people have over Anupamaa and Anuj giving so much respect to Baa even though she has been looking for new ways and planning and plotting to stop their marriage. And let’s not forget how cruel she has been to Anupama throughout the show and in the prequel as well.

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Surprisingly, this progressive and feminist show has forgotten all about a woman having self-respect, boundaries and a limited tolerance for BS. Moreover, I personally believe that age and relationships do not decide how much respect one gets. You have to earn your respect irrespective of your age and relationship. I don’t think it’s okay to give out free respect to people who never miss out on an opportunity to put you down and disrespect you. And TBH, it’s high time Anupamaa calls out Baa and Vanraj on their BS or gets them to change their ways and start respecting her or maybe she can simply cut them off. Also, dear makers, please take a moment and focus a little more on our favourite couple MaAn ki shaadi instead of zooming in on Vanraj’s jealous face and Baa’s annoyed one. We stan #StopRuiningAnupamaa. FYI, I have some really colourful words that I want to use for Baa but I will refrain from doing so because well, isn’t Anupamaa all about respecting toxic AF elders and rishtedaars?

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