From Dowry-Related Torture To Poor Sanitation Facilities, Here Are Issues That Indian Women Continue To Be Plagued By

Has a single day passed by when you have not read about a horrific crime against a woman in India? The problems our gender has to face are uncountable. Every day, the different data, studies, and research released on women’s issues are just being stacked up. It would be wrong to say that we have not made any progress from our past, but this cannot be a counter argument for everything that a woman is going through in recent times. From cases of gender inequality to dowry-related issues, no matter how much we say that these are no more prevalent in society, the harsh truth is that they are. Any woman if asked about major issues they face in the country will definitely have some from this list. Sometimes, even if they are not a victim of it. 

Women’s Safety And Rising Crimes

Starting with the very raging issue against women in our country. Recently, there was also data released on the increasing crime rate against women. It revealed some shocking statistics on crimes like rape, kidnapping, domestic torture, etc. The situation of woman’s safety is going to the dogs and it wouldn’t be wrong to say this. No matter how much people argue about the country becoming a safe haven for women, the fact remains that every girl has a fear that lies deep within whenever she steps out of the house. For some, even a house is a place of hell. As per the latest data , India ranks among the top 10 countries found to be most dangerous for women. 

Dowry Issues

Some of us are privileged enough to come from families that are progressive and our parents too oppose the idea of this age-old “tradition”- Dowry. The most demeaning act seen in the institution of marriages in India. But we cannot turn a blind eye towards women that have to bear the torture of “not bringing enough dowry” after marriage. Dowry is a punishable offense in our country, despite this fact, many women from rural areas especially are still harassed by their in-laws. Where is the justice going wrong in curbing the horrendous crimes that are reported on this?

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Societal Pressures/Judgements

Women can never escape this it seems. I mean we are definitely trying to but the society we live in is definitely very harsh towards women on many issues. Suppose, our society will have a very different set of thoughts for a man who is a divorcee, and for a woman at the same juncture in life. Not to generalise here,  but yes you cannot disagree that the majority thinks this way. Women always have to justify and prove their choices for society to accept them, and it does not come very easily to us. From clothes to makeup to even career choices, women have many parameters of being judged this is honestly very annoying.


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Inequality In Income

Yet another issue that many women are now being very vocal about. In fact, many actresses have also spoken about being paid way less than a male actor. Well, these things are very deeply rooted in an organisation’s work ethics but it needs to change. Why women should be paid less when she is doing the same amount of work as men? This remains a simple question against the problem of the pay gap, that every woman who is facing this needs an answer on.

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Equal Career Opportunities

Women were always considered to be the weaker sex, and to some extent, this perception still exists. Because of this, there are many career opportunities that remain restricted to being a man’s job. Inclusivity still has to happen and we have a long way to go for that. It is an area of concern why there is still very fewer women’s participation in the labour market. I have always believed that if a country that has so much potential is still not using the other half of its population efficiently, will lack in its progress. 

Sanitation facilities

I have been reading many articles about this issue lately. There are many government schools in India that ignore the necessity of providing a clean washroom facility for the girls. Little do they know that they are only discouraging girls from receiving their education which is very important for not only their growth but the country’s bright future as well. 

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These issues have been highlighted many times. however, the country always forgets it as soon as they turn the pages of the newspaper, and so does the justice system after hearing the cases on these issues.

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