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#Culture: 5 Fashion Trends That Gathered Momentum In the Pandemic And Are Likely To Stick Around Post-Covid.

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This may be trying time for the fashion retailers and brands as the sales have plummeted due to lockdown and everything going on, but one thing’s for sure, fashion hasn’t died even in these tough times. If you thought trendsetters would also be off duty right now, you are wrong. Turns out, they too are working from home, I mean shopping from home (excuse the bad humour). As there are no runway shows and no new season collections dropping since designers decided put a hold on the fashion weeks in the wake of coronavirus and the safety guidelines issued, the fashion trends emerged from homes this time instead off ramps or celebrities wardrobes.

Recently, Myntra announced that it is moving to a global markets by expanding their business to Middle East and Europe. Similarly, Amazon recorded a double spike in sales in the pandemic quarter. Well, I can say I have a little (okay, a lot) to contribute to this and I am sure you have something to do with it too. This is nothing but the buying behaviour which helps predict consumer demand that eventually forecasts the fashion trends. Let me explain.

The global crisis changed fashion within a matter of weeks. While the world was preparing for the global fashion week, Met Gala and numerous other fashion events, coronavirus locked everyone at home and brought the fashion industry to an abrupt halt, internationally. But that doesn’t mean there are no fashion trends emerging this year. Yes, there’s a dramatic shift in the trend report but luckily, we’ve got some fashion trends on our radar that gained momentum in the lockdown.

Lyst, a global fashion search platform recorded the purchase pattern of over nine million consumers over the period of three months of lockdown and released its 2020 Index report that shows the hottest products and top fashion trends to have been born in the pandemic. Here are some that are on our radar. Take a look.

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This one’s a no brainer. The only thing that has kept us sane in this era is our sweats, tights and comfy crop tops. Gym wear is now homewear, workwear, hell even grocery-shopping wear and no one can blame you. With nowhere to venture out to, comfy sweats and lounge wear has picked the pace like never before. Plus, people are experimenting with different styles and prints and patterns to rock the athleisure trend at home. Remember the tie and dye pattern that was really catching up before the corona outbreak? It finally became a huge trend in the athleisure category  during Covid and you have Instagrammers to thank for that.

Tote bags

Women can’t live without shoes and bags, even if they have nowhere to go. This explains why the sudden increase in tote bags in quarantine. They are most casual and fuss-free bags and so versatile that you can carry it with you to the grocery shop or doctor’s clinic or airport and it will fit just right in. Also, fashion reports suggests that tote bags are here to stay and will continue to be the hottest fashion accessory even after Covid. So ladies, may be add a tote to your bag collection if you haven’t yet.

Face Masks

No. not the skincare kind, the survival kind, but with a fancier and fashionable touch to it. Face masks are selling like hot cakes in the pandemic for two reasons. One that it protects you from the coronavirus and the other is that it has become quite a fashion statement in the last few months. DIY and designer masks adorned with quirky patterns, lace, floral embroidery and varied prints and colours are the latest addition to the fashion accessories of 2020. Biggest fashion designers have already started cashing in on these Covid masks that are protective yet fashionable at the same time.

Crisp cotton shirts

The work from home tops are the hottest amongst the women’s products list. Since everyone is working from home and attending video calls, online meetings on Zoom and the like, the rise in the formal work wear shirts is only justifiable. If I had to invest in anything other than lounge wear, it would be a fancy formal blouse too so that I can pretend to look at least slightly serious and interested in the long office zoom calls. Note, only shirts, no pants. Reason? You know it. You are wearing short under it, duh!


While the six-inch heels and strappy summer sandals are stuffed back somewhere in the shoes closets, sliders have taken the centre stage and has become a quite popular “quarantine trend.” And, it’s actually good considering they look so cool, relaxed and are apt to wear while we are confined in homes . The search for sliders have increased substantially in the lockdown and the reason is they are so comfortable and yet so stylish. If you think slip-ons sandals are boring, think again. There are so many cute styles to pick from. Check out Puma’s slider sandals and you won’t be disappointed.


These are the top fashion trends to have emerged as the quarantine trends according to the 2020 Lyst Index Report. Honestly, my favourite is the fancy face masks. They are so cool and totally beat the corona blues. However, this is one one trend that I don’t want to stick around in 2021 (please, God!).

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