Expert Reveals 5 Reasons Why Bigg Boss Can Have Your Mental Health Screaming, “Bigg Boss Mujhe Hurt Ho Raha Hai”

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Expert Reveals 5 Reasons Why Bigg Boss Can Have Your Mental Health Screaming, “Bigg Boss Mujhe Hurt Ho Raha Hai”

Conversations around mental health have become an openly discussed genre of conversation amongst many, thanks to social media. With celebrities and mental health experts openly speaking about mental wellness, the need of having one has become more than a priority for each one of us. This growing need to keep your mental health sane, tops our checklist today, with the youth certainly giving it more leverage than before. Besides that, what calls for our attention are the various aspects, that impact its well-being.

Amidst the era of digital age, where we live a ‘like button’ away, impacts of social media are much more than reality hitting us to go rock bottom. Like the Instagram algorithm–what goes in, comes around. This reflects how our consumption, navigates us towards the chaos in our heads. A prime example of which is the effect of social networking channels and the ever-growing platter of delectable content, served to us through a hundred platforms. From films, shows to events mirroring the reality, there’s more food for the mind than it can ever digest. Its like testing our taste buds to the last limit, where chances of turning obese can climb higher.

Besides all this, reality shows with weird concept notes bring us to the brink of loosing the only two brain cells, that we’re left with. I mean, not many of us admit, but most enjoy hate-watching reality television, in the name of shows like Bigg Boss, Temptation Island, Splitsvilla and more. Besides normalising some bothersome content, and serving manufactured reality under big banners, shows like these are anything but a slice of reality. Their adverse effects on our mental health, push sanity to leave the chat. What we question today is, how reality shows like the currently trending Bigg Boss, affect the mental wellbeing of both the contestants and its consumers.

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Personal Lives Served As Entertainment

Besides adding a sense of tadka, personal lives of housemates are often used to churn out more content. As visibly observed in this season of Bigg Boss 17, the love lives of contestants like Munawar Faruqui, Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar were used to grab attention. The tragedy of serving entertainment without any bounds was present when married celebrity couple Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s families were invited on the show for shock factor, and sensationalising the reality of their relationship to the point of them considering the idea of divorce. True or false, but these tactics work less in favour of the celebrities, leading to growing issues in a life which goes beyond winning the show.

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Trigger Points

The adverse effects of participating in a reality show on the mental wellbeing of the contestants was visible this year, with not one but three contestants experiencing a panic attack. With two key names like Abhishek Kumar and Khanzaadi speaking openly about their deteriorating mental health, wild-card entrant Ayesha Khan was seen devastated after an episode of Weekend Ka Vaar. While many might interpret their sufferings as a medium to generate TRP, only few would find it concerning, which is the problematic side of such shows.

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According to Jasmeen Kaur (Clinical Psychologist (A) and Founder and director of EHSAS Health Solutions and Services–”The contestants are fed a mixture of restricted stimulus being cut off from the outside world and the constant barrage of internal politics and bizarre challenges to sensationalise the otherwise mundanity of daily life to make it more palatable for the TV audience. This at the very least can lead to frequent outbursts ranging from anxiety, depression and aggression, all for the world to scrutinise, which can leave a long lasting impact on the person’s mental well-being.”

Serious Effects On Viewers

As viewers who might engage with such content as a way to escape the traumas of their own lives, reality shows like these can equally trigger viewers, as much as the contestants. Like most of us who battle high voltage anxiety on a daily basis, visuals of endless fights, personal stories by inmates and dramatic confrontations with screamingly high volumes can be the most evident triggers of your anxiety. Supporting the argument, and the adverse effects, Ms Kaur also mentions–”Audience which is consuming this stimulus hand over fist is bound to be desensitised to the extreme emotions on display and may model these patterns of reacting into their own behaviour.”

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Impact On Growing Adults

As per research and expert advice, Ms Kaur also says–”This, especially in the case of impressionable children can be detrimental to them growing up and contributing to society in a negative way. This leads to them exhibiting  behaviours of aggression and anxiety while also sensationalising mental health struggles that unfortunately reduces the sensitivity and perpetuates the already existing stigma.”

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Manufactured Reality

Beyond the drama served to us on a click, reality shows are built in a manner to instigate human reactions and display their worst state. With most contestants trusting each other with personal notes of information, data like such is often misconstrued and used during events of fights, leading to traumatic flashbacks. Often these reactions go beyond reality, and can create a false imagery for viewers, who might function on the same formula in their present lives. It is horrifying because your friend with a disorder of some sort, might not trust you with it, thinking you might react the same way, as an irresponsible contestant on the show did.

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So, if you call yourselves a fan of hate-watching, and love the jazz, and drama that reality TV serves on your screens, then beware, because you might be internalising some data, that your brain definitely doesn’t want you to.

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