10 Backhanded Compliments Women Are Tired of Hearing. We’re Not Feeling Flattered!

We don't need it!
10 Backhanded Compliments Women Are Tired of Hearing. We’re Not Feeling Flattered!

Ladies, gather ’round, because it’s time to shine a spotlight on those so-called compliments that make us want to roll our eyes so far back into our heads they might get stuck. We’ve all been there – someone dishes out a seemingly harmless remark that’s supposed to be flattering, but it’s laced with enough passive-aggression to fuel a whole season of reality TV drama. So, let’s dive into the top back-handed compliments women are tired of hearing.

1. “You’re Pretty Smart For A Girl.”

Translation: Wow, you managed to form a coherent thought despite possessing two X chromosomes. Congratulations!

Newsflash: intelligence knows no gender, so let’s leave outdated stereotypes in the dust where they belong. We’re done hearing “beauty with brains” when you are talking about women!

2. “You Look Great! Have You Lost Weight?”

Translation: I didn’t think you looked good before, but now that you’ve shed a few pounds, you’re finally worthy of my praise.

Can we please stop equating worth with weight? I mean it’s high time we get over it!

3. “You’re So Brave For Going Makeup-Free.”

Translation: Your natural face is… interesting.

While going makeup-free is a personal choice, implying that it takes courage to embrace one’s bare skin is just plain insulting. When will people understand that women apply makeup for themselves, I mean!

4. “You’re Not Like Other Girls.”

Translation: You deviate from my preconceived notion of femininity, and I find that intriguing.

Let’s ditch the idea that women need to fit into a narrow mould to be considered worthy of admiration. And thanks but I want to be like those other girls if they don’t get to deal with you!

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5. “You’re Too Pretty To Be Single.”

Translation: Your relationship status should correlate with your physical appearance.

Because, you know, being in a relationship is the ultimate validation for a woman. Eye-roll, anyone?

6. “You’re So Confident For Someone Your Size.”

Translation: I’m shocked that you’re not wallowing in self-pity because you don’t conform to society’s unrealistic beauty standards.

Here’s a thought: confidence comes in all shapes and sizes. And for someone who is so concerned about other people’s lives, why not pay my bills?

7. “You’re Really Ambitious, For A Woman.”

Translation: Ambition is typically a masculine trait, but you seem to have it in spades despite your gender.

Let’s break the glass ceiling and acknowledge that women can be just as ambitious, if not more so, than their male counterparts. Adding “for a woman” in the end can just be the worst way of complimenting, honestly.

8. “You’re Different From The Girls I’ve Dated.”

Translation: You’re different from my exes, and that’s a good thing… I think.

Comparing women to each other is not only disrespectful but also incredibly reductive. Plus honestly, that’s going to sound appealing to a pick-me, not to us regular girls. I do not care if I’m different from your exes but we definitely know why your exes left you, honey! And yes, I’m exactly like your exes and I’m going to drop you like a hot potato!

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9. “You’re Ageing Gracefully.”

Translation: You’re getting older, but don’t worry, you’re still somewhat acceptable in society’s eyes.

Can we please stop attaching shame to the natural process of ageing? I mean, aren’t you yourself tired of finding superficial things to compliment women on?

So, there you have it – 10 back-handed compliments that women are beyond tired of hearing. It’s high time we retire these cringe-worthy remarks and start celebrating women for who they truly are, sans the passive-aggressive undertones. After all, a genuine compliment goes a long way, while a back-handed one? Well, let’s just say it’s best left unsaid.

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