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4 Reasons Why You Need to Ditch That Cotton Pillow Cover

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Wondering why your skin won’t behave itself despite following a stellar beauty regime with some of the best products out there? Maybe it’s time to turn your attention to that sneaky little number one culprit – your pillow cover. We’ve already told you to switch to a silk pillowcase many times before. Perhaps these reasons will now convince you to set your cotton pillow covers on fire!

1. Dehydrated Skin

Do you know why cotton is such an ideal fabric for hot and humid summers? Because it’s so absorbent, that’s why. Much like clothes made out of cotton, cotton pillow covers are efficient at sucking the moisture out of your skin when you sleep. The fabric strips your skin of its natural oils and all the night creams that you’ve so lovingly slapped on. Obviously, you’ll wake up with dehydrated skin. This is not as gross as the thought of having a pillow case covered with gunk like sebum and product build-up. Hello, acne! Switch to silk or satin pillowcases as they are your best bet to keep skin issues at bay.

2. Damaged Hair

We’ve already told you how curls and cotton pillowcases are arch enemies. And this stands true for every hair texture. Like it does to your skin, cotton pillowcases strip the moisture from your locks as well. Plus the more you toss and turn, the frizzier and tangled your hair gets. And this isn’t all; it also leads to breakage. Get on with the silk case already.

3. Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Sure, pillow lines are a sign that you’ve had a night of fitful sleep. However, this also means you have a good chance of developing premature wrinkles. Silk pillow covers don’t fold and crumple like cotton ones do, which is why they are better at preventing fine lines when you sleep. Switch to satin unless you sleep on your back.

4. Aggravated Allergies

Dust and allergens tend to settle between the weaves of fabrics with low thread counts. This triggers allergies in some people. If you wake up with itchy and puffy eyes or irritated skin and have no idea why that’s happening, it’s time to investigate your pillow case. In all probability, it’s the fibres from your cotton pillow cover that are causing your allergies to act up. The space between individual silk threads is considerably lower, so they stay fresher for longer.


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