Want To Swap Your Shampoo For A Co-Wash? Here’s All You Need To Know About It

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Want To Swap Your Shampoo For A Co-Wash? Here’s All You Need To Know About It

Our hair and skin are really dear to us and we all make sure to care for them and pamper them as much as possible. But with the pollution and dust that we regularly come in contact with, it can be truly hard to clean our hair and scalp. More so since washing our hair every day is not an option. Hair washes are something, we women plan our day around and to have to do it daily is just not practical but considering all the dust and pollution we come in contact with, washing our hair at least every alternate day is essential. Having said that, it’s also important to understand that using shampoo daily is not very healthy for our hair. It can do immense damage to our hair and steals the natural oils of our hair and scalp leading to hair woes. This is where co-wash comes in. Here’s everything you need to know about co-washing.

What Is Co-Wash?

Co-washing refers to a conditioner-only wash. This requires you to use just a lightweight conditioner to wash your hair and it’s one of the best things you can do if you struggle with an oily scalp and dull and frizzy hair. Using co-wash allows you to cleanse your hair and scalp of all the dust, dirt and pollution without stealing the natural oil and moisture from your hair.

Things To Know Before You Swap Your Shampoo For Co-Wash

– Co-wash isn’t meant for all hair types, especially if you’re planning to use this hair washing trend on a regular basis. Co-washing is great for people who have brittle, coarse, coily, curly, mixed-textured and dry hair. People with wavy and fine hair can also turn to co-washing but make sure to pick a lightweight formula.

– For those of you who have porous hair, colour-treated, chemically processed hair or extremely dry hair, feel free to pick a rich co-wash that can nourish, hydrate and moisturise your hair.

– You can ideally co-wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week to keep it healthy and lustrous but be warned, beginners may find their hair feeling oilier than usual. Your hair may take a while to get used to it so make sure to slowly introduce this in your routine.

– Never use your regular conditioner to co-wash your hair. If this is something you plan to do regularly, make sure to invest in a good co-wash. Preferably pick a co-wash conditioner that does not have silicone and sulfate.

– Avoid co-washing if you have itchy or flaky scalp.

– If you’re going to include a co-wash in your hair care regime, add a clarifying shampoo and use it at least twice a week to cleanse your hair and scalp of any residual product.

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How To Co-Wash?

Remember some simple steps if you’re swapping your shampoo for a co-wash a few times a week. Make sure to wet your hair properly and use your fingers to scrub and massage your scalp under running water to cleanse it properly and remove all the dirt, dust particles and debris. Only after this apply your co-wash and massage it into your hair and scalp and spread it evenly. Massage gently for a few minutes and then rinse. But make sure to rinse properly and cleanse your hair.

Looking For Co-Washes To Add To Your Hair Washing Rituals? Try These

1. A Keratin Co-Wash

Enriched with shea butter, veg Keratin, wheat and soy, this co-wash from The Earth Collective is perfect for curl care as well scalp care, nourishment and deal with dry and damaged hair.

Buy here.

2. Go Vegan Wash

This co-wash from MANETAIN is vegan and toxin-free. It’s a non-foaming hair cleanser that can moisturise your hair and nourish it while making it soft and manageable.

Buy here.

3. Argan Oil Gold Wash

Enriched with argan oil, Pantene has a deep hydrating co-wash with protects the natural oils of our hair. Plus it’s paraben, sulfate and dye-free formula.

Buy here.

4. A Coconut Cleanse

This coconut cleansing co-wash from As I Am is perfect for curly, colour-treated as well as dry and damaged hair. It enhances curls, promotes hair growth and cleanses your hair and scalp.

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5. Some Shea Butter Love

Created with shea butter, this co-wash from CANTU moisturises your hair and conditions it while detangling your hair. It is a hydrating and perfect for curly and extremely dry hair.

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