Gemini Hair, Birthing Makeup And More Weird Viral Beauty Trends From Jan 2023

Can we say goodbye to these trends already?
Gemini Hair, Birthing Makeup And More Weird Viral Beauty Trends From Jan 2023

The first month of 2023 has come to an end and it has been quite the month, especially for beauty enthusiasts. January 2023 was all about the newest beauty trends of the year. And as much as we’re all loving the “snatural” and “shower girl” makeup trends, some trends have already managed to drive us up the wall. One month into the year and we’ve come across beauty trends that we just don’t understand or want in 2023. Without further ado, dive into this list of beauty trends that have taken the internet by storm but made us cringe!

1. Gemini Hair

Gemini is the only zodiac sign that features the twins hinting at dual nature and that’s exactly what this hair colouring trend is like. In case you don’t want to be forced to pick between 2 different hair colours, this trend comes to your rescue and allows you to embrace both shades by colouring your hair in 2 colours. You can either colour the two sides of your hair in 2 different colours or just colour the strands of your hair in the 2 colours and let them intertwine. Either way, it makes us wanna rip our hair off!


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2. Vanilla Girl Makeup

The vanilla girl makeup trend is all about aesthetic. It’s about picking a super duper simple, barely-there natural makeup looks paired with cosy and comfy outfits in cream, off-white and beige shades with similar coloured decor. However, this trend has been deemed problematic as it focuses a lot on thin, white girls and fails to be inclusive even though influencers claim that it is!


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3. Birthing Makeup

This beauty trend has to-be moms booking makeup artists to do their makeup as they go into labour and give birth to their babies. And while there’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup while giving birth to look good for pictures after the delivery, this trend makes women feel the need to live up to the unrealistic societal beauty standards to look good even in pain. To add to it, the women who choose to wear makeup as they welcome their baby into the world are actively shamed by the society which makes it even more problematic as the internet remains divided on birthing makeup. But the truth is that it should be a choice and not a trend.


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4. Cold Girl Makeup

The cold girl makeup trend aka “I’m cold” trend is all about going slightly overboard with the blush to create rosy cheeks vibe as if you’ve just come from the cold. Now, most would say there’s nothing wrong with it, the first thing is that this trend promotes yet another beauty standard of how a woman should look like when she comes in from cold. And the other thing is that, like many other trends, this beauty trend too forgets all about inclusivity and focuses on fair or white-skinned women. In 2023, who needs colourism?

5. Voguish Vampire

Just as we tried to bid adieu to the cringy no eyebrow/bleached eyebrow look, this beauty trend just brought it back. The Voguish vampire look is about long black hair paired with overdone makeup to highlight the cheekbones with contour and highlighter with smokey makeup, nude lip and bleached or shaved eyebrows look. Yep, we need this trend to GO!


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6. Butterfly Haircut

Face-framing haircuts are back with a bang and as much as we love this trend, what we don’t need is the butterfly haircut trend. This trend promotes cutting our hair on our own by tying our hair in two ponytails, one at the crown and one at the back. You can then cut the top ponytail as per the desired length and then the back ponytail. But that’s not a risk any of wanna take, especially in a post-covid world! Haircut disaster, nah, no chance. It’s just not worth the risk.

We’re hoping February 2023 has some better and more inclusive beauty trends in store for us!

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