Fermented Skincare Is The Latest Beauty Trend Of 2023. All You Need To Know About It

Gotta bring back nani ke nuske!
Fermented Skincare Is The Latest Beauty Trend Of 2023. All You Need To Know About It

From winged eyeliner to graphic, colourful eyeliner and from home remedies to snail mucin products, beauty girls have witnessed the evolution of the beauty industry over the years. And TBH, it never fails to surprise us and leave us in awe (and sometimes disgusted too). Every other day, we come across a new beauty trend that inspires us and makes us want to experiment, be it skincare, haircare or makeup. NGL but some of the 2022 trends left a bad taste in our mouths (I mean bleached eyebrows, ugh!). But at the same time, we’ve also come across some stunning beauty trends like vinyl lips and skinification of makeup. And now, there’s another beauty trend that is picking momentum – fermented skincare.

The Korean beauty trend of fermented skincare is now taking over the beauty industry as brands introduce skincare products with fermented ingredients like herbs, fruits and other natural products that have prebiotics. While it may be something inspired by K-beauty but truth be told, fermented skincare has been around for forever. As kids, our moms and grandmoms would often make us apply skincare, body care and hair care home remedies with things like curd and tomatoes for the large variety of benefits these fermented natural ingredients have to offer.

But Is Fermented Skincare Safe?

Of course, it’s safe! I mean we have been consuming wine which is made from fermented grapes as well as bread which also includes yeast. If you can eat it, you can definitely apply it to your skin as well.

How Does Fermented Skincare Work?

Fermented skincare used natural ingredients like fruits, herbs and, of course, yoghurt which has microorganisms like yeast or good bacteria that break downs the ingredient to allow it to penetrate deeper into the skin. Highly potent natural ingredients like seaweed, mushroom, grapes, ginseng, rice and milk are fermented and used in a majority of these skincare products. The process of fermentation breaks down the ingredient into separate compounds making them more potent. This helps our skin properly absorb these ingredients and their benefits which, in turn, works magic on our skin.

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Fermented skincare products can help deeply nourish our skin and lock in moisture. It also helps in tacking skin woes like acne, dullness, pigmentation, blemishes and more.

Does Fermented Skincare Work For All Skin Types?

Yes, fermented skincare suits almost all skin types but it is essential that you pick your products keeping in mind your allergies. Ensure that you’re not allergic to any natural ingredient and it suits your skin depending on your skin type. And even after that, make sure to do a patch test before you use a fermented skincare product on your skin.

Don’t Shy Away From DIY

Home remedies with fermented products have been around for almost forever. So, feel free to pick some simple kitchen ingredients that suit your skin and whip up a face mask or an exfoliating scrub. I mean, our nani did give us all the nuske to get fermented skincare right and it all feels much more amazing with some fermented grape juice aka wine! So, get your wine glasses and get started!

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We’re totally getting on the fermented skincare bandwagon, what about you?

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