#TinyFaceChallenge Is Taking The Makeup World By Storm And It’s So Creative

#TinyFaceChallenge Is Taking The Makeup World By Storm And It’s So Creative

At a time when social media is at its peak and there’s really not much else to do, trends take off even faster than they usually do. We’ve already seen so many fun trends take off since staying at home became the new cool, whether its whipping coffee powder and sugar until your patience wears thin to make the infamous dalgona coffee, or Instagram’s addictive ‘guess the gibberish’ filter that made it to every story. But in the makeup community, these viral trends take on a whole new level of mind blowing. Not to mention how artistic you have to be to do them! Social media is the best platform for up and coming makeup artists to promote their work. And when it looks like all the effort you put into doing your face isn’t going to show when you put on a mask, you’ve to get creative.

We saw some insane transformations by some really talented makeup artists with the #PassTheBrushChallenge. But now, the next big thing in the makeup scene is the #TinyFaceChallenge. This crazy challenge needs you to paint a mouth on your nose with makeup to make it look like you have a tiny face. Then all you have to do is cover up your real mouth with your collar or a scarf, and your brand new baby face is good to go. But it’s nowhere as easy as it sounds. It all started after YouTuber Jaime French posted a video of her own transformation. It took off from there and went viral, with makeup artists and YouTubers all over the world recreating it and sharing their pictures.

Some of these are pretty confusing and freaky to look at, and they’ll make you do a double take if you come across them while you’re scrolling through your feed. But what’s really got us interested is how they’re able to do it so flawlessly. It’s one thing to sneakily over line your lips or to perfect that nose contour, but it’s a whole different ballgame to paint yourself a new set of lips, that too on your nose!

Take a look at some of these unreal transformations:




This makeup artist has even gone as far as painting on a new set of eyes!


Makeup has become a form of art, as it rightly deserves to be. The kind of talent, hard work, and patience that goes into a makeup artist’s job is unmatched. We love that these artists are using this time to try out new trends and show us their skills. If you’ve tried the #TinyFaceChallenge, do share it on your Instagram. As for me, pulling off a satisfactory winged eyeliner in the first try is more than enough for right now!


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