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This Sheet Mask Makes The Skin Look Bright And Feel Moisturised. We *heart* It

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So, I love winters. Winter is great for reasons like Christmas, runny noses, snuggling under blankets and basically everything happy. But (yea, there’s always a but) then, just when you are enjoying your hot chocolate and all things cuddly, comes dry skin to ruin the fun. My skin gets so dry, I am worried it’s going to start flaking right off my face and that can’t be pretty.

So I do what any sensible person would do. Go ham on creams and face oils, anything that I can get my hands on to save my skin.  The hope is to wake up to a miracle, but of course, that never happens.

They say desperate times call for desperate measures, so I was willing to give anything a go. When I got Bollyglow’s Bamboo Brightening Sheet Mask, I was wary but excited.



BOLLYGLOW Bamboo Brightening Sheet Face Mask – Brightening (Rs. 195) 

It comes in a regal packaging, it’s very, very golden! You feel a little bit like a princess. I was a little skeptical. What if this was like the many other face masks before this? Those that sat on my face for 15-20 minutes and when I took it off, bam! Nothing. My face looked exactly the same.

For starters, the packaging felt a little heavy when held and I was curious. But all that weight wasn’t for nothing. It was that insane quantity of serum they had not only on the inside of the package but also on the sheet mask! I tore open the packaging and put on the mask. The first thing you will notice is the smell. It’s quite fruity. It hit my senses pretty hard, in a good way! If you need aromatherapy all you need to do is wear the mask and doze off for 15-20 minutes (‘cause that’s the time limit mentioned) and you wake up feeling much fresher!

I am the kind to want every drop of the product so I wiped the serum left in the package clean and squeezed some from the sheet mask as well. This I rubbed all over my face and neck. The serum did feel a little sticky initially but nothing that’s too much. What I loved was that Bollyglow’s sheet mask not only got my skin glowin’ but it also made it much softer and moisturised!

Once you have washed your face there’ll be a tinge of coolness on your face which will make you feel more awake. The best part about the sheet is that it does exactly as mentioned – brighten up your face!


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