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This Salon Serves Up Gorgeous Blowouts And Wine. I Recommend It For Your Next Party

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I am one of those women who actually likes her hair. Yes, okay, hate on me. But I do. And take care of it. Indulging it with oiling rituals, hair masks, the works. So most of the time my hair behaves. Of course, I have really straight hair and that means that I don’t do any sort of styling because, well, I can’t. My hair just looks the usual.

So when the peeps at Blown called me over for an experiential, I was a little wary. Would my hair really hold the style? Was there any chance this was going to work? Will these elections be fair? The mind was boggled. Of course, the salon couldn’t answer the last question, I didn’t expect them to but mine is a curious mind. In all honesty, with the kind of blowouts I have had at salons around Mumbai previously, I wasn’t expecting much.

I made my way across to Colaba where this salon is located. I got myself the experience ritual – a deep conditioning, indulgent routine for my hair with the Kerastase Fusio-dose. The experiential began with my stylist examining my hair. This was where I already knew this was going to be different. He actually said my hair was nice, which I have almost never heard from a salon person before. He went on to recommend what I should go with, gave me a hair wash and then masked my hair. This while he worked my product into my hair with a massage. I was in heaven. At this point, the best part kicked in, I got to pick what wine I would like to have with my service and because I am decent person, I didn’t ask for a pitcher to down but only a glass. Yes, Blown serves up wine at the salon. Do you even need any other reason?


I sipped on the wine, read up on beauty stories, it was the perfect anti-dote to all my stress. A hairwash later, we got down to the blowdry. And this is where these guys bring their A game. My hair looked magnificent after he carefully gave me a blowout that I wanted to save on my head forever. I looked so coiffed and perfect, I should have been framed. You know, if that’s a thing.

What I am saying is, if you’re looking to relax over the weekend over a glass of wine and some decadent hair blowouts, this should be the place to go to.

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