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These 6 Hacks Will Make Your Perfume Last All Day Long

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With the hot summer sun shining brightly upon us, you’re bound to sweat. And unless you are a unicorn, that doesn’t smell pretty. In this video, we bring to you simple and easy-to-do hacks that will make your perfume last all day, so you can keep smelling as fresh as a daisy (or whatever scent you choose) all through the hot summer months.

Hack 1: Iron your perfume to lock it in.

Spray perfume on your top or dress, and then iron over it. The iron locks the scent onto your clothing.

Hack 2. Oily skin holds perfume on longer.

Apply petroleum jelly to your pressure points like the inside of your wrists, the sides of your neck etc, and top that up with a scent. This helps the scent stay on longer.

Hack 3. Layer the scent.

If you’re using a body mist or spray, always use it with the matching lotion. Layered scents last longer.

Hack 4. Never apply perfume directly onto your hair.

Apply perfume on a hairbrush. Let it sit for 30 seconds, and then comb the brush through your hair. This makes your hair and you, smell fresh all day.

Hack 5. Perfume touch up.

Dip Q-tips into your perfume, and then seal them in a ziplock pouch, so the perfume doesn’t evaporate. These Q-tips are handy for touch up through the day.

Hack 6. Never rub the perfume.

Don’t rub but gently press your wrists together to transfer the perfume. This will not break the molecules, and make the perfume last longer.

Now go smell fresh all summer!


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