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This Serum Is Great If You’ve Got Sensitive Skin. We Tried It And The Results Are Spectacular

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Growing up, I had amazing skin. I glowed while my jealous friends battled with acne and cursed me. But, once I turned 20 I realised that the pink-ish glow I had earlier also came with tiny bumps that refused to go away. These bumps weren’t like pimples, they were tiny and in a cluster and any rubbing or exfoliation made it worse. That’s when I started getting interested in skincare and diagnosed myself with sensitive skin. I wasn’t wrong, I do have sensitive skin, but I also have rosacea, a skin condition that’s very common in people who have fair skin. Rosacea gets worse as you get older and without the help of your dermatologist, the condition gets aggravated, so if you have similar symptoms you’ll want to get it checked out.

Calendula, or Marigold, colloquially known as Genda Phool is a flower we’ve grown up seeing. Its vibrant golden hues are a festive season mainstay, but many are unaware of this flower’s many super-powers. It’s great for healing wounds, but most importantly, it calms inflammation (aka makes your skin less red) and adds an aesthetic pop of colour to Instagram images. No points for guessing how excited I was when Face Shop sent their entire Calendula range to Team Hauterfly! I greedily snapped up the Calendula serum (#WIN) and added it to my routine, which includes this moisturizer, a rosewater toner and a facewash I can’t tell you about as yet. The newly re-introduced Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Serum claims to give you skin that’s dewy and moisturised. The product is formulated with 10% Calendula extract and a soothing mix of 6 herbs that include chamomile, cornflower, rooibos, lily, sage, borage.

My first reaction is that the product is very strong yet beautifully fragranced, which also worried me since it could be a potential irritant. The bottle feels expensive, it’s frosted glass with a pump dispenser and the redesigned packaging is a total #MOOD. The texture of the product is a bit viscous, it felt slightly sticky when I patted it onto my skin but absorbed beautifully. I could tell that this product has moisturising effects as well, which I confirmed once I saw hyaluronic acid in the formula. I found I needed two pumps of product to get enough product to cover my face and neck, you could try less and build it up from there.

I absolutely did not expect the product to perform the way it did, it’s a miracle worker that calmed my skin. Within the first two days of use, the redness on my skin started to recede. With each application, I saw the bumps on my face get smaller and after the first two weeks, my skin started looking way better than it has in a long time. I’m glad to report that this product has absolutely changed my skin and has rightfully earned its place in my skincare regime. The Calendula in the formula makes this an absolute must-buy if you have redness or sensitive skin.

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SHOP NOW: The Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Serum (Rs 1320)

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