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Tamannaah Bhatia Reveals Why Ayurveda Really Works For Her Skin

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There is something pure about approaching beauty in a natural way. Although it takes longer to see the results than chemical-laden beauty products that provide quick-fixes, you just feel like you’re doing nice things for your skin by going natural. Much like our mothers and their mothers before that, we can’t help ourselves but include ghar ke nuske and Ayurveda in our skin and hair care routines. That is why when we sat down with the gorgeous Tamannaah Bhatia and she spilled her secrets to her beauty, we listened in with excitement.

Being Beautiful Inside Out

A firm believer in striving for a holistic beauty standard, Tamannaah loves herself some Ayurvedic goodness when it comes to skincare. The natural and simple way of keeping your body cleansed inside and out with Ayurveda is her most reliable form of self-care.

Tailoring her beauty rituals according to the weather and environment around her, the actress keeps her skin in prime condition with simple ingredients , since a career in entertainment requires her to bombard her face with a lot of makeup anyway. She goes for softer and gentler items for the care and repair of her skin.

Soft And Simple Ingredients Are Key

Tamannaah is a huge fan of different kind of ubtans, mostly centred around yoghurt and aloe as base mixes. Given that our skin suffers the most in summer, her favourite product of the season has become the aloe gel from Lever Ayush. She recommends sticking to soft washes and gels to best take care of the skin in summer.

This mindfulness about her skincare routine has also inculcated a firm practice of never missing the basics of a skincare ritual even for a single day. The actress stresses hard on the benefits of proper cleansing and moisturising the skin, even for someone with combination skin like her. Listen up ladies, never fail to moisturise!

Practising Holistic Beauty Now Can Go A Long Way Later

In her closing words to us, Tamannaah stressed the importance of wholesome beauty practices. The best way to look good is to feel good from the inside. For her, that job is taken care by all the healing and glowing benefits fo Ayurveda and we are switching up our skincare routine as well.


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