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Take Care Of Your Locks From Tapti Dhoop With These Simple Summer Hair Care Tips

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Summer season is on in full swing and the sun appears to have a personal vendetta against us all, nai? Amidst sitting in an air-conditioned room or drinking summer cool drinks, you must have most definitely heard the words that are on everyone’s lips – “Oof, kitni garmi hai, yaar!” Well, the onset of summer does not just mean taking drinking and eating cooling food items to take care of your body from the inside, it also means you have to protect your skin and hair from this tapti hui dhoop! Well, in this piece, I am going to share tips on how to take care of your tresses to prevent them from losing their moisture.

Summer Hair Care Tips

1. Start the season with a fresh cut!

Yes, giving your hair a new style and cut are one of the best ways to start off the season with. This will chop off the split ends and keep your hair healthy. Now, please don’t take this as a hint to go short! Just cutting off one or two inches of the length will suffice.

2. Don’t wash your hair too often

‘Less is more’ has become the mantra for everything these days and it is applicable for hair washes as well. if you frequently wash your hair, this will clean out your hair’s natural oils as well, in turn, only prompting your glands to produce more oils. It is advisable to use natural shampoos or even homemade shampoos containing cornstarch to wash your hair.

3. Cover ’em up!

It is strictly advised against leaving your hair open and uncovered while heading out. You should wear a scarf or a hat from exposing your hair to the heat directly. Covering your hair also prevents your sundar baal from the harmful UV rays and also from getting ‘tangled’. Did you get my Disney pun? *wink*

4. Don’t use heating tools!

Your hair is already getting exposed to a lot of heat so, it would deteriorate its quality if you consistently use heating tools on them. You can use non-heating methods if you want to curl your hair or want to flaunt wavy hair. Or you could try other hairstyles as well!

5. SPF-up hair

To add a touch of extra protection to your hair against this heat, you could apply sunscreen to your hair as well! Yes, you read that right and yes, this is still a hair care tips article. After you are done applying sunscreen on your face, arms and legs, you could run your hands along the length of your hair to apply the remaining sunscreen on your hair. As weird as this sounds, it most definitely works!

6. Pamper yourself with a hot oil rinse

I know how difficult it is to manage dry and frizzy hair because my hair has the same qualities and the summer heat worsens the situation for me. And if you are someone who faces the same problem, then I come bearing the solution to it! You must try the hot oil rinsing technique. Shampoo your hair normally but don’t rinse immediately. Instead, apply and massage your hair with warm oil (avocado, coconut or olive) from the root to the tips. Then rinse it out together. The warm oil will get through your hair and nourish it from within.

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7. Condition your locks!

You must make sure you deep condition your hair at least once a week. Deep conditioning will nourish, strengthen and add lusciousness to your hair. You could use natural ingredients like banana, honey, olive oil and even apple cider vinegar to deeply condition your hair.

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