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This Hair Oil Will Make You Feel Like A Maharani!

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If there was one common thread in the story of my life, it would be my quest to find the perfect hair products to tame my unruly frizzy mane. From banishing hair oils in my teens in favour of all kinds of budget products (did you have a Herbal Essences phase too?) to the miraculous moment I tried Moroccan Oil and started believing in the power of hair oil, to experimenting with a flax seed slurry (don’t ask), I’d say if there’s a hack/miracle product in the market for curly/frizzy hair, I’ve been there, bought that.

And let me tell you, after the gamut of chemicals my hair has endured, it decided to all together abandon my head. I mean… will my suffering ever end? So now I added thinning hair to my laundry list of issues. Lovely. Luckily for me, my managing editor came to my rescue when she asked me to review the SOVA Draksh & Bitter Orange Flower Luxury Hair Oil. *phew* That was a mouthful.

SOVA Draksh & Bitter Orange Flower Luxury Hair Oil_Inpost_Hauterfly

SOVA Draksh & Bitter Orange Flower Luxury Hair Oil

A bit about SOVA. The luxury hair and skincare brand has its foundation in ancient Ayurveda and beauty rituals, and was launched last year. The product I used is priced at Rs 1,200 after discount – which IMHO firmly puts it in the luxe, fancy-shmancy, Ayurveda category. I must say, the stunning illustrated packaging definitely made it feel expensive and I loved how convenient the pump applicator is. The product is highly scented with a delicious fragrance of Bitter Orange Flower – which I adore, but you should totally avoid if you’re prone to fragrance-induced headaches, I’d go as far to say that this is the *most yummy* scented hair care product I’ve used in recent times.

The product promises to hydrate and repair damage to give you luxuriously shiny hair. So you can believe that my expectations were sky high. After 2 months of weekly use, I found that the hair oil definitely helped repair damage – the amount of split ends I got in that amount of time had definitely decreased. My hair would feel rehydrated after use, but let me tell you, it took a LOT of product to get it to that level; my hair has a knack for absorbing a lot of product easily.

If you are buying this product for the express purpose of curbing hairfall I’d say the effect was negligible at best (sorry), but then hairfall is attributed to so many lifestyle factors… Just applying a great hair oil while stressing, not sleeping enough and eating crap isn’t going to make you go from Baldilocks to Rapunzel.

In all honesty, I’m intrigued by the brand – I’d definitely experiment with their range of skincare products because this hair oil delivered so beautifully on the hydration promise. I also think SOVA products would be ideal for gifting relatives/friends from aboard who would appreciate the pretty packaging and the Ayurvedic science that goes into SOVA products too.

SHOP NOW: SOVA Draksh & Bitter Orange Flower Luxury Hair Oil (Rs 1,200)


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