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Shilpa Shetty’s Diet & Exercise Routine Is Too Awesome Not To Try

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In recent years, Shilpa Shetty Kundra has become an advocate for healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. As her book, The Great Indian Diet, suggests, Shilpa is a fan of locally sourced, regular Indian food. Her book, written along with International dietician and food expert, Luke Coutinho, is all about making the best of food readily available to us: forming a healthy, wholesome diet that burns fat.

Shilpa Shetty The Great Indian Diet_Hauterfly

The Great Indian Diet (Rs 178)

Shilpa has also developed a keen interest in the Indian form of exercise: Yoga. She claims it has helped her with fitness and beyond. Who are we to dispute the fit celeb on a lifestyle that keeps her looking like that?

Doing some research on her fit and clean diet, I came across this video of what Shilpa eats in a day. It’s vegetarian-friendly, but can also be tweaked for those who prefer adding meat to their diet.

Clearly, she eats a lot in a day and still manages to look great! Her key to eating well is keeping it clean, natural, and avoiding artificial sugars or foods.

Speaking of a healthy lifestyle, Shilpa’s Youtube channel features a host of exercise routines for beginners. She talks about everything from strengthening to flexibility. Her channel also features some of the recipes that she eats on a weekly basis.

According to Shilpa, it’s what you eat, not what you don’t eat, that keeps you fit!


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