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This Spa Will Undo Your Knots And Leave You Feeling Relaxed In This Crazy Heat!

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A lot of my friends think I am pampered and high maintenance.  I would normally take offense to that statement, but then I realise I do enjoy a fabulous pampering sesh, and for the most part, I am unapologetic. Unless my mom asks me how much the very fancy massage cost and then I change the figure to tell her something that is more palatable to her. But hey, I am all about the self-love and that’s fab, right?  It is. Shut up.

So when the opportunity to review a spa came up, I fought my colleagues and may have grievously injured some of them. Only because you don’t pass up a chance like this. On a warm summer day (who am I kidding? It was hot AF), I made my way to Sawadhee, the spa. The one I was invited to is located in Vasant Kunj. It felt like the universe had finally listened to my croaking back and cries for an immediate need for a massage.

The spa package was called ‘A Fine Romance’ and it indeed was. Soon,  I was explained what my package would include – feet cleansing, a full body massage with my choice of oil, steam bath, full body scrub with my choice of scrub and finally a dip in the Jacuzzi bath. At this point, I felt like how Carrie Bradshaw felt when she walked into her to-be penthouse in SATC – died and come to heaven.

Not wasting anymore time, I was asked to change my footwear in a more relaxed pair of jute slippers and then taken to my room. The masseuse Shaiza, made me change into a robe and started with cleaning my feet in rose water before I was proceeded for my body massage. The oil that I picked for it was lavender. From my toes to my fingers, back to my shoulders, she covered and massaged every part with finesse and pressure that was perfect.  If I were to be honest, it was so relaxing that I dozed off in the middle. Shaiza probably was disturbed by my vociferous snoring.

I then stepped into a 10-minute long steam bath that essentially helped to open my pores, making me feel fresh and well a little sweaty. Then, came the time for my full body scrub, for which I had picked their red wine scrub, which they prepared in house with original extracts. It was kind of embarrassing, how much dead skin came off during my scrub. They are possibly questioning my hygiene standards. After this, I took a plain water shower.

Coming out of it, already feeling a lot more tranquil, we moved towards the last bit of my package which was the jacuzzi bath. The temperature was just right and the jacuzzi was laced with rose petals, bath salts and was ready for me to take a nice long dip. I was also offered warm herbal tea as I steeped in petals and salts and what can I say, I had no complaints.

All in all, the experience was one that I would want to visit the place again. I walked out much more rejuvenated and refreshed than when I had walked in. Definitely the place to hit up for when you need to feel a thousand times lighter and fresh, especially in this Delhi heat!


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