5 Reasons You Should Totally Ditch Makeup When Playing Holi

Say toodles to makeup and skincare woes!
5 Reasons You Should Totally Ditch Makeup When Playing Holi

The rangon ka mausam is here and most of us are just gearing up to dress up and look pretty as we play with colours. And dressing up for Holi is all about pairing your kurti with the perfect jhumkis and the perfectly winged eyeliner. But as beauty enthusiasts, we all have to be careful with the makeup products that we pick for this festival ‘coz it’s like putting rang on your face to play with rang! So, this festival of colours, we suggest you ditch the makeup and go au naturel!

Here’s Why We Think You Shouldn’t Wear Makeup This Holi!

1. ‘Coz You’re Going To Be Rangeen!

What’s the point of putting in all that effort to add a pop of colour to your face when you’re going to be drenched in colour this Holi? You might as well save all that time you’re going to spend putting on makeup to play with Holi ke rang instead!

2. Paani Ke Saath Makeup Beh Jayega!

Even the best makeup hacks and waterproof makeup products aren’t going to last long when you play with colours and water this Holi. So, you might as well just ditch makeup and go natural!

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3. Too Many Layers

TBH, there’s no such thing as Holi-proof makeup. And this means that you’ll probably layer up all that makeup on top of you skincare products, add Holi colours to it, I promise you, it’s going to feel very very cakey and that’s not a nice feeling. With all those layers, it’s going to be a very heavy Holi and we all like this festival to be light and fun, right?

4. Skincare Woes Get Real

Layering our skin with skincare, loads of sunscreen, makeup and Holi colours can lead to loads of skin problems. All those layers of products can block our pores and cause breakouts and inflammation. And considering the fact that we all tend to wash and scrub our faces dry to remove the colours, skin dryness and flakiness can be an added skincare woe thanks to makeup. So, it’s best to simply avoid applying an extra layer to your skin.

5. Makeup Mixed With Colour May React!

Our skincare and makeup products have several chemicals and ingredients that can react with the ingredients in the Holi colours leading to a skin problem. This is why putting on makeup on Holi could end badly.

But Don’t Skip Skincare!

Makeup or not, make sure to take care of your skin before, during and after Holi.

Before Holi Skincare: Don’t skip out on your everyday skincare routine on the day of Holi and make sure to lather up on all that SPF that you’re going to need.

During Holi Skincare: Most of us end up forgetting all about reapplying sunscreen while playing Holi but with all the heat, colour and water, it’s essential to reapply your sun protectant to keep your skin healthy and safe.

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Post Holi Skincare: Make sure to apply loads of hydrating products after removing all the colours from your skin. And don’t forget to go for a relaxing facial to pamper your skin.

Stay safe and far far away from makeup and skincare woes this Holi!

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