4 Habits That Spell Disaster For Oily Skin

4 Habits That Spell Disaster For Oily Skin

Oily skin is like curly hair, i.e. #TheStruggleIsReal.

From having to blot continuously, to looking like a bottle of oil exploded on your face… from trying to find products that do not dry out your skin, to using ones that make your face greasy barely 5 minutes after application… dealing with oily skin can often lead to tear-inducing situations. The only consolation is that oily skin ages slower than dry skin, so there’s some reprieve there.

However, more often than not, a lot of things we do only aggravate our oily skin woes. Here’s what you’re getting wrong in your skin care regime.


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1. Over Drying your skin

Don’t we all want products that magically do away with that perennially greasy feeling? Often oily-skinned girls pick products that make their skin feel “clean”, i.e. they use products that contain alcohol and reduce the appearance of oil. However, using drying products sends your oil glands into overdrive as they strip skin of its natural oils. This results in even more oil production to make up for the lost moisture. Yep, total #fail idea.


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2. Using harsh cleansers

A good cleanser will clean your face of excess oil, dirt and grime. What it should not do is leave your skin feeling stretched and dry. Don’t be fooled by that “squeaky clean” feeling. Stay away from creamy or oil-based cleansers. Use foam-based ones instead, as they’re especially formulated for oily skin.

3. Not moisturising properly

Oily skin needs to be moisturised. However, girls sometimes use heavy moisturisers or ones that are not suited for their skin type. For the first 10 minutes after you wash your face, skin typically feels dry and stretchy. Don’t rush to heap it with moisturiser. Allow the oil glands to repopulate your skin with — about 10-15 minutes — then apply moisturiser.


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4. Not understanding ingredients

If you pay attention to the ingredients in your beauty products (you must!), you’ll notice they often contain either salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Pick products with salicylic acid because they penetrate deeper than glycolic acids. These acids reach oil glands present at the bottom of hair follicles and soaks up oil without causing inflammation. They also helps in decreasing oil production and destroy acne-causing bacteria.

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