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7 New Year Beauty Resolutions We All Need To Make As We Welcome 2022!

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2022 is just around the corner and we’re all super excited to ring in the new year with some positive vibes and our loved ones. Looking back at 2021, it seems like it just flew past us. FYI, I was just about to type 2020 and then I realised it’s 2021 and we’re two days away from 2022. I’m sure you have a mini video recap of the year playing in your head RN. The past two years have really just zoomed past us in a blur (no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic) and now it’s time to pick your New Year’s resolutions once again. Now, we all pick our resolutions depending on what and how we want to change things in our lives. Most of our New Year’s resolutions are usually about personal growth and whatnot. We tend to forget all about our skin and beauty when it’s time to pick resolutions. So, this time I thought, why don’t we all make some beauty resolutions for 2022?

1. Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for healthy skin. Water helps clear our skin and body of toxins and helps in keeping our skin soft and supple. It also helps in maintaining skin elasticity and prevents skin problems.

2. No Makeup In Bed


I have a bad habit of crashing into my bed after a long night without removing my makeup and that’s a total sin! Not removing your makeup before you hit the bed can lead to clogged pores which in turn cause breakouts. So, this is the one beauty resolution we all need to make and start following it from New Year’s eve onwards.

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3. No Hoarding Products

We’re all guilty of this one. We love hoarding makeup, skincare and other beauty products. Lipsticks are my guilty pleasure (I’ve got 500+ lipsticks). But the hard truth is that we don’t need multiple toners, facewash or lipsticks! Not only does this take up space but it’s also unhygienic (and bad for our skin) as most of us fail to check the expiry date of these products. So, 2022 is the time to quit hoarding!

4. Swear By C-T-M

All that talk about following a skincare regime is such BS! If I’m being honest, most of us don’t follow a routine, do we now? And that my darlings, is exactly why we need this New Year’s beauty resolution. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. Period.

5. Brush Hygiene

All those applicators, beauty blenders and makeup brushes also need regular cleaning. And if you’re anything like me, you probably forget (read procrastinate) to clean your beauty tools on a regular basis. So, let’s make 2022 all about keeping up with our beauty resolutions which means you’ve got to clean up those tools at least once a week. That’s what the weekend is for, girls!

6. No Stepping Out Without Sunscreen

I’m definitely going to be working from office next year onwards and while I have mixed feelings about it, this also means that I need to pay extra attention to my skin and so do you. Along with team Hauterrfly, several other people will be going back to offices in 2022. This is exactly why we need this beauty resolution. Even if there’s no ‘dhoop’ just wear the sunscreen because we cannot see the harsh UV rays that damage our skin.

7. Body Care On Point

Body care is just as important as skincare. So, make a beauty resolution to not forget about taking care of your hands, feet and the rest of your body. Remember that hand and nail cream you haven’t used in forever? Well, replace it with a fresh one and get started. Don’t forget to use a body scrub once a week and the body lotion every single day.

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