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All The New Hairstyles You Need To Try For Fall

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The beginning of fall calls for a change. It’s a new set of clothes, different makeup and, if we’re changing all that, we can’t ignore the hair, can we? Instagram is ripe with new hair tutorials for the new season and, if you were stuck to those beach-y waves up until now, it’s definitely time to change it up.

From floral (not in the music festival type) crowns and fresh braids, to sleek glitter roots and fun twists, fall comes with a whole lot of opportunities to try out each one of these styles.

So as you plan those outfits for all the parties in your calendar, how about trying these hairstyles with them?

Don’t forget to press play!


A chunky sweater, dark hued nails and lips, and a braided floral crown to match. Nothing says fall like Sarah Anguis’ new hairstyle. Plus, how easy is this to knock off!?


We all saw Kendall Jenner and a zillion other people sport glitter roots during festival season. But did any of those look this sleek? I think not!


A new braid is always welcome and just think of how great this will look at a Christmas Eve party.


Who knew a simple scarf could look so pretty as a part of a hairdo? Pick your scarf according to what you’re wearing that day and I think it will make for a super cute fall look.


3 simple ponytails is all it took to create this stunner of a hairstyle. If you’re going to a wedding or an important event, this is the look you’ve got to try!


A lot of people have been passing rings through their braids for a cool rock ‘n’ roll look. This set of spikes fixed on with eyelash glue is so much more badass!


Braids don’t get easier than in this style right here. Make this your everyday fall hairdo and the compliments will just come pouring in.


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