Minimalist Nail Art You Can Actually Wear To Work

A lot of you guys must be wondering how I clubbed nail art and work in the same sentence, because nail art is supposed to be fancy, bright, and OTT, right? Wrong. While rhinestones and stars is something you might want to reserve for weekends or weddings, work-appropriate nail art calls for more subtle designs. Like all other art forms, nail art is about self-expression so work wear does not need to be boring. That’s why I’ve found some kick-ass tutorials for you that are all about chic, minimalistic designs. Stick to neutrals and soft shades and you’re golden!


This video has six really cool looks you can easily do at home. A word of caution for the Minimalist Stripes design though: Don’t take off the tape until your nail polish has dried completely. Taking off the tape when the polish is still wet will only mess up the design and cleaning it will be a real task.


Nail art pens are infinitely neater than normal nail polish brushes, and are available at most Beauty Centre outlets. However, you can still use your usual nail paint and an ordinary paint brush in number ‘0’ (the finer, the better) to achieve the same effect.


I’m not a fan of the second design, but the other three looks are definitely worth trying. My favourite is the one with the triangle on the accent nail, leaving the other nails bare.


Negative space nail art is THE bomb, ladies. Nail art can’t get any easier than this. Like I mentioned earlier, be careful not to remove the tape until the polish dries. Also, apply really thin coats.

Once you get the hang of basic nail art deigns, you can browse through this video. There are 17 — yes, 17! — minimalist and chic designs you can try.

What I’ve realised about nail art is that the more you practise, the more creative you can get. Which means you don’t have to follow each and every design in these videos. You can improvise with designs and colours, and choose to do all your nails or dress up only one. It all depends on your mood and level of expertise!

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