4 Make-Up Brush Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

By now the importance of a good set of brushes has already been drilled into our heads. Even Fat MU founders and make-up experts Natasha Nischol and Virginia Holmes stress on how crucial good quality brushes are for flawless make-up application. After a point, the tiny (and useless) sponge applicators that come with your make-up just don’t cut it. However, merely owning a great set of make-up brushes is pointless if you don’t know how to use them.

Here are the most common mistakes women make with make-up brushes:

1. Not wiping excess concealer on the back of your hand

Colour correctors and heavy-duty concealers are generally heavy and difficult to blend. If you use the concealer straight from the pot and onto your skin, you’ll end up with very cakey application. It’s best to place the concealer on the back of your palm and swatch your brush two-three times. This helps in getting rid of excess product, and also warms up the product enough to create a thin layer that’s easy to blend.

2. Your brush size doesn’t match the proportions of your face

Not all faces are the same, which is why you have the option of buying the same brush in different sizes, especially ones meant for eye make-up. Some people use crease or blending brushes that are too big for their small eyes. This results in getting product all over the eye making your smokey eye look go for a toss. The ideal crease brush has soft, fluffy bristles, a rounded tip, and is smaller than the eye shadow brush.

3. Using a flat foundation brush

I’m not a fan of the flat foundation brush. I think it leads to very heavy application besides not being the easiest to manoeuvre around the contours of your face. An angled foundation brush performs so much better in comparison. You can reach all the little spaces of your face, like under your nose for example. This followed by some blending with a moist Beauty Blender makes your skin look naturally flawless.

4. Pressing too hard with your brush

This one smacks of impatience. You want to get over the job hurriedly, so you go over everything quickly and apply way too much pressure. The result? Horribly damaged brushes and not-so-impressive application. Flawless make-up is a work of art; and art requires time and patience. If your bristles bend on your skin while applying make-up, you’re definitely not doing it right. Always dip your brush in the product, shake it off or wipe off excess product, and then let it glide over your skin effortlessly.

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