12 Make-Up Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

There was a time when wearing glasses meant getting ragged endlessly. How times change! Nerdy is now in and geek chic is a real thing. And yet, so many women hold on to the mistaken belief that their make-up choices are limited when they wear glasses. As someone who wears spectacles, I can say that it’s nothing but a load of bullshit. Here’s all you need to know about dressing your face without having to wear contact lenses.


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1. Always use primer

…especially on your nose and cheeks. You will notice that foundation and other face products rub off on your glasses when you take them off. When you wear base make-up, don’t forget to wear primer on your nose and cheeks as primer prevents your make-up from budging. Also, make sure you wear very thin layers of make-up on areas where your glasses rest.


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2. Stick to neutrals

When you wear glasses, it’s best to go easy on eyeshadow. Your aim should be to define your eyes and not make them the most overpowering feature on your face. Use satin or pearlescent finish eyeshadows in neutral colours during the day. You can switch this with shimmery neutral colours for the night. Make sure to blend in a soft brown eye shadow in the crease of your eyelid and to highlight the brow bone and further enhance them.


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3. Go Smokey

There’s no reason why you can’t wear a sultry eye with your glasses for a night time look just because you have to go easy on the eyeshadow. Skip the shadow and smudge the eyeliner close to your lash line gently, either with a Q-tip or your ring finger, for a super-sexy smoked out effect. Go for warm colours like browns, greens, or burgundys as they look dramatic but not OTT.


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4. Experiment with coloured eyeliners

For most of us, black is the very first colour we ever used, but just like you don’t use your Hello Kitty sling bag anymore, you’re supposed to evolve in your make-up tastes as well. Besides, there’s a whole world of beauteous colours waiting to be explored. Black can be a little harsh and aging. Why not try hues of blue, brown, slate grey, or a deep burgundy? You can also opt for sparkly eyeliners in these shades. Don’t worry about it looking inappropriate for work because these colours will define your eyes not overwhelm them.


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Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Eye Liner Pencil Olive (Rs 299)

5. Add shimmer

Applying a shimmery or sparkly eye pencil under the lower lashline is quite surprising and unexpected. It looks absolutely beautiful when you are wearing glasses. Do give it a shot.


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L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Black Buster (Rs 750)

6. The cat eye is your go-to

The cat eye liner is feminine, powerful, and versatile. You can either opt for a thin, flirty flick or go as bold as you want. Remember to line your eyes as close to the lash line as possible. If your frames are thick-rimmed and bold, you can go all out with your liner. Line the tip of your cat eye with the top corner of your glasses. Here’s how you can perfect the cat eye in five easy steps.


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7. Curl your lashes

One complaint I hear very often from girls who wear glasses is that they can’t wear mascara because then their lashes brush against the lenses. This is precisely why it’s important to curl your lashes. Besides, curling your lashes also opens up your eyes and makes you look brighter and awake.


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8. Use volumising mascara

Never underestimate the power of mascara, especially when you’re wearing glasses. Go heavy with mascara but focus on your roots instead of the tips to create a volumising effect rather than a lengthening effect. Apply one coat from root to tip like you normally would. In the second coat, wiggle the wand back and forth around the roots of the lashes.


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Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara (Rs 375)

9. Waterproof, always

When wearing mascara with glasses, always opt for waterproof formulas. You don’t want your mascara to flake and dirty your lenses. Also, look for a hydrating, budge-proof formula that will hold the curl of your lashes.


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Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Rs 2,472)

10. Brightening concealer is your BFF

You are mistaken if you think your glasses hide your dark circles because the lenses could actually be magnifying them. Use a light concealer in a creamy-liquid formula. You don’t want anything heavy that will look cakey in the under-eye area. Use a brightening concealer like Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (Rs 1,167)

11. Groom Your Brows

Eyebrows frame your face and it’s even more important to groom them when you wear glasses. Brush your brows upwards and outwards, fill them in with brow powder, pencil, or pomade, and set them with a clear gel or mascara. Use our handy guide on brow maintenance.


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12. Pucker up

Bring out your brightest and boldest lipsticks when wearing glasses. Avoid high-gloss finishes though. Pair your glasses with a bold cat eye and matte bold lips for a chic, modern touch.

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