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#HauteHack: Preventing Foot Blisters Just Got Easy

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The joys of buying a new pair of shoes are so, so many. But you know the one bane? Foot blisters. While you’re excited to try on your latest buy, it is difficult to gauge how well your foot will take to the same. Also, with summer already around the corner, one is even more prone to foot blisters because of sweating.

I know that breaking into a pair of new shoes is easy for some of us (yes, there are a few lucky souls who hardly ever experience foot blisters). But for others, it is a painful experience. The skin around one’s foot is extremely soft, and a blister there would mean having to deal with chafed skin that in turn becomes coarse and rough. That is exactly why experts suggest not to trick yourself into believing that you will break into a pair of shoes eventually.

If a shoe is slightly tight when you’re trying it on at the store, it is a smart idea to avoid buying it (or of course, picking up a size bigger) rather than making yourself believe you’ll break into them in a few days. But for many others who yield to temptation (and I know we’re way more than a handful), sticking pieces of duct tape to your sole is what many skin experts recommend. Athletes use this formula all the time.

But I personally find that very irritating, and also uncomfortable. And I was sure that there ought to be a hack to help avoid blisters. All that was needed was a little internet sleuthing, and voila… I’ve found an alternative!

The magic word here is deodorant. Yes, there’s actually so much more that your deodorant can do, and one of the many things is preventing foot blisters. Just rub a phenomenal amount of deodorant to your soles before you wear your shoes. The product helps ease the friction and avoids the occurrence of blisters.


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