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#HauteHack: This DIY Bronzer Is The BOMB!

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Admit it, good make-up costs a pretty package. And while we don’t think twice before shopping our favourite brands and products, make-up shopping can leave a serious dent in our wallets. So obviously, I get super excited when I come across any DIY makeup hacks that help me make my own products on the cheap. While some hacks work really well, others have been epic fails. So I approach DIY projects with a healthy dose of scepticism mixed with hope. However, when I discovered this supremely easy DIY bronzer that offers great colour and long-lasting effects, it had me at hello!

All you need to do is mix cinnamon powder with nutmeg powder, cocoa powder, and cornstarch. There’s no precise measurement that you need to follow, so mix the powders depending on how intensely you want to build the colour. Cinnamon, cocoa and nutmeg powders add depth and darkness while also giving you a sun-kissed glow. If it’s looking too light, add some more cocoa powder. If you want more of that glow, add more cinnamon. Cornstarch keeps everything in place and absorbs excess oil from the skin (a blessing for oily skin). If you have sensitive skin though, do a little spot test on your neck to avoid irritations.

Mix it all together (make sure the powders are finely ground though and run them through a sifter just to be sure) and put it in a small container. Use a big brush to blend it well for a natural, homemade bronzer. How easy and affordable! Plus, did I mention it smells amazing?


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