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#HauteHack: Try The Double Ponytail Trick For Longer Hair

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The ponytail is one of the most underrated and effortless hairstyles to look well-put together. Also, ponytails have come a long way from being preppy staples, and with a few small tweaks you can wear it to work, a party or even a wedding. However, ever since I chopped my hair to nearly half its length, it’s become difficult to wear a ponytail without looking like a schoolgirl. If you too have a problem with the length and volume of your ponytail, here’s a trick that will help make your pony look longer and fuller.

1. If you have straight and/or fine hair, start with curling your hair. Use this nifty hack to curl your hair in under 2 minutes.

2. Section your hair into two halves — a top section and bottom section. Gather the top section and secure it with a hair tie. It should look like you are wearing your hair in a half-up style.

3. Take the rest of your hair at the bottom to form a second ponytail. It should sit right under your first ponytail. Secure it with a hair tie.

4. Tease your first ponytail with a teasing comb to fluff it out such that it looks voluminous and also conceals the second ponytail completely. Ta-da! You are done.

Although this style works best for those who have mid-length to long hair, it also works for shoulder-grazing lengths.


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