Here’s Why You Need To Stop Towel-Drying Your Hair


I think we can all agree that frizzy hair is every girl’s favourite pet peeve. One of my biggest fears post washing my hair is ending up with a frizzy mop, which is probably why I put off washing my hair every day. However, I’ve managed to fight frizz successfully by switching up just ONE thing in my hair care routine, and that’s the humble towel.

If you suffer from frizzy hair, stop drying your wet strands with a bath towel ASAP. This one single mistake is the cause for major hair grief. Thanks to its thick absorbent fibres, rubbing your hair with bath towels actually encourages frizz because it ruffles up the cuticles. Instead, use an old cotton t-shirt to wrap up and air dry your hair. Soft cotton tees have finer threads that are gentler on your hair and absorb just the right amount of moisture from your hair. This works exceptionally well if you’re a girl with curly hair.

Hauterfly Staff

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