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Holi Hair And Beauty Tips That *Actually* Work Dished Out By Experts

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Guys, don’t look now but Holi is right around the corner. Which means a mid-week holiday! Yay! Holi is one of the most fun festivals, there’s colour, water and friends. What’s not to love?  But all of this comes with a price… a whole day spent with colours, paints and other pigments on your face and hair. And each year we are witnessed to an array of pink and blue colleagues walking into work, talking about how much hair they lost in the morning shower!

We spoke to celebrity hair and skincare experts in the industry on how to win against the harsh chemicals this year. And it’s more than dunking yourself in coconut oil.  Take note!

Pre Holi Haircare

According to founder and Creative Director of BBlunt India, Adhuna Bhabani, pre-Holi hair prep is crucial for this festival.

Prep your hair with a serum or leave in conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. It helps serve as a protective layer from the harmful chemicals in the colour, and the sun.

Pro tip: Avoid using oil as it tends to be more stubborn. It will end up sticking to your hair and over washing it oil will result in drying out. There is also a higher possibility of the powdered colour mixing with the oil and making your hair brittle and prone to breaking.

Post Holi Haircare

While you can avoid some damage to your hair by prepping it, the post Holi care is equally important to maintain your locks.

Firstly, opt for cold water to rinse the colour off. Make sure never to use hot water to remove the colour as it will only end up solidifying it. Immediately shampoo and condition your hair to get all the gunk out, followed by a conditioner to lock the moisture in.

Once you have stripped your hair clean of any colour residue, use a deep nourishing leave-in conditioner for the day. Go for some anti-frizz, hydrating and lightweight repair treatment to breathe some life into your damaged hair.

Holi Hairstyling And Accessorising

An aspect of Holi haircare that women often ignore is the hairstyle. If you are a messy bun kinda gal, this Holi you need a switch up. Try and wear your hair tied in one of the cool summer hairstyles. Opt for one of the many types of braided looks so that your roots are nice and relaxed. It will make it easier to undo the hair post the colour play as well.

For ladies who are brave, a waterfall braid or Dutch braid can really brighten the day up. It will also help to accessorise the Holi look with a hat, cap, scarf, or bandana, which can be a total hair saviour.

Pre Holi Skincare

Once you have your hair in check, your skin is next in line to get prepped. For insights on skincare, we spoke to Sana Dhanani, founder of luxury beauty and nail spa, The White Door.

We can’t stress this enough but wearing makeup on Holi is the worst thing you can do to your skin. Clogged pores lead to untimely breakouts, so putting on a fresh face will ensure no unnecessary issues. Sunscreen is also an absolute essential to protect your face from sun damage, with an added advantage of an oil-free finish.

The best way to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, apart from the delicious thandai, would be a nice face mist. the colours on your face can be very drying, so spritz some of it on generously to keep your face hydrated and happy.

Prep your body for all the sticky coloured water with some body oil. This will form a fragrant protective layer on your skin and you won’t spend an hour in the bathroom scrubbing your skin raw to take off the colour.

No one really thinks eyelashes can get damaged but you have been attacking it with mascara and curlers and all that and then you are unleashing colour on it. Protect your lashes by sourcing a few drops of olive oil and applying it as a natural conditioner for your lashes. The same also goes for lip care, which can be complemented with a nice balm for long hours.

Girls who are big into cuticle care, listen up! For the day, opt for a dark colour so you avoid staining your nails. A way to protect them further is to rub petroleum jelly on the fingertips to keep any pigments from getting stuck between the nail bed and the nail.

Post Holi Haircare

Once the festivities are done, opt for an exfoliating body scrub to dissolve any toxins and deeply cleanse your pores. Follow up with massage oil to restore the skin’s hydration levels.

For your face, let it breathe post-shower with a relaxing face mask, followed by a light moisturiser to let it heal. A sheet mask is your best bet as they work quicker. They are also absorbed into your skin pretty easily, making them ideal for a quick DIY skin repair session at home!

What are some of your sneaky Holi beauty tricks? Let us know!


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