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#HauteTrends: The Pink Eye Look Is Taking The Internet By Storm!

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There’s a new makeup trend that’s got the internet buzzing and it’s been termed the ‘pink eye’. I know what you’re thinking — that sounds kind of disgusting — but take a look before you judge.



Absolutely stunning, isn’t it? The ‘Pink Eye’ is all about pink eyeshadow, a previously taboo makeup look that’s pushing the envelope in the makeup world, as art should. Pink eyeshadow is infamous for washing out the eyes. It can often make you look pale and worn out, but in these cases… I think it’s just the opposite.



The trick is all in the shading. Try using two or more tones of pink and blending one into the other, giving it a slightly ombré effect.



This look is a great excuse to get playful. You can opt for one colour above your crease and one on your lid, or two shades on the outer half of your eyes and one in the inner half. In fact, don’t just play with colours, play with textures too. Mix shimmer with matte to create an interesting look. A blush-toned palette like the Maybelline Blushed Nudes is a great place to start.

#HauteTip: Try applying your favorite blush on your eyes if you can’t figure out which colour is right for you.


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If you want to try this out, remember, go minimal on the liner and make it all about the lashes. So invest in a good mascara. Pick a colour that isn’t paler than your skin tone. You might have to test a couple of colours to figure it out, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

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