8 Myths About Colouring Hair You Need to Stop Believing

8 Myths About Colouring Hair You Need to Stop Believing

Science and technology have changed the beauty and cosmetics industry to a great degree, but that hasn’t stopped us from using tried-and-tested home remedies when it comes to taking care of our hair. However, colouring one’s hair is always a dilemma. If you’re worried about whether it’s going to cause permanent damage, here’s what you need to know about modern hair colour. And no: It does not lead to greying.

#1: Never Colour Your Hair When Pregnant

There is no scientific proof to support claims that chemicals in hair dye can cause birth defects. However, it never hurts to be cautious so put off colouring your hair until the second or third trimester. Also, go for highlights instead of global colour. That way you can avoid getting colour on your scalp, minimising the risk of chemicals getting absorbed into your body. If you’re doing an at-home colour, make sure you wear gloves.

#2: Eyebrows Must Match Your Hair

Will you match your eyebrows to your hair if you go minty green like Kylie Jenner? And what about grey or unicorn/ galaxy hair? No way. A slight contrast between hair and brows looks good. If you insist on colouring your brows, remember to go one shade darker if your hair is light. It balances out your features.

#3: Washing Hair Soon After Colouring Is Fine

Ideally you must wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair after a colour treatment. Also avoid the pool completely for the next two weeks. Chlorine in the pool strips the hair cuticle and allows minerals from the water to penetrate the hair shaft, altering the colour.

#4: Sun Exposure Will Make Your Colour Fade

Whether your hair is coloured or not, excessive sun exposure can make it dry and brittle. So you must use serums with sun protectants, and a hat or a scarf to cover your head. Fading colour is the least of your problems when it comes to excessive sun exposure. Seriously.

#5: Colouring Hair Will Reduce Volume

Adding highlights makes your hair look voluminous since it adds dimension. The colour deposit after a hair colour treatment actually increases the density and weight of your hair (barring bleached hair, of course).

#6: DIY Hair Colouring Kits Are Terrible

Most at-home hair colour kits are high quality products. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work if you follow the instructions, perform the patch test and use protective gloves.

#7: Products Meant For Colour-Treated Hair Are Overhyped

This is why the term “penny wise, pound foolish” was coined. Products meant specifically for coloured hair are not a marketing gimmick. They are specially designed to restore and nourish hair and also prevent the colour from fading. Investing in good quality products will save you frequent salon runs for touch-ups and the heartburn of damaged hair.

#8: Colouring Ruins Your Hair

Hair colouring involves opening up the hair cuticle to deposit the colour, which can cause damage. But what actually ruins your hair is not taking proper care afterwards. A good post-colour regime includes using products meant for coloured hair, weekly deep-conditioning masks, and covering it when you are out in the sun.

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