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Reviewed: Garnier Ultra Blends Henna & Blackberry Nourishing Shine Shampoo

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I get bored very easily, and I rarely stick to any hairstyle for very long. I’m also an ardent DIY-er. But sometimes, I take my enthusiasm a little too far — like when I coloured my hair a flaming shade of red on a whim all by myself. Thankfully, it turned out well but I wouldn’t recommend anyone try these stunts at home, especially if you aren’t a professionally trained hairstylist.

Saying that my hair was got damaged is stating the obvious. However, ever since I weaned myself off my hot tools, they look more hair-like than straw. So while I have a pretty sorted arsenal of haircare products meant especially for my dry and damaged hair, I’m always game to try new ones. I told you I get bored very easily!

Last week, Garnier launched Ultra Blends, a new range of shampoos and conditioners that are crafted from natural ingredients. I chose the deep conditioning and nourishing blend that’s ideal for dull, dry, lifeless hair.


Garnier Ultra Blends Henna & Blackberry Nourishing Shine Shampoo_Hauterfly

Garnier Ultra Blends Henna & Blackberry Nourishing Shine Shampoo

Infused with pure henna and blackberries, the shampoo is exceptionally clarifying without stripping your hair dry. Henna is known for its deep conditioning and nourishing powers, while blackberries — with their high concentration of antioxidants and vitamin C — infuse shine into dull hair.

Despite washing my scalp twice, I found that the shampoo did not make it itchy or flaky and my hair definitely had a healthy shine. This shampoo also scores brownie points for being paraben-free. Of late, I’ve veered away from products that smell artificial and overpowering, and I like that the Henna & Blackberry Nourishing Shine Shampoo has a mild natural fragrance. Hauterfly approves!

SHOP NOW: Garnier Ultra Blends Henna & Blackberry Nourishing Shine Shampoo (Rs 230)


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