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Did We Go Too Far With The Feather Eyebrow Trend?

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Of all the eyebrow trends that have graced us this past year, turning your brows into feathers is not something we expected. I don’t know if anyone really expected it. Personally, I feel like they make your eyebrows look more sparse, especially if you don’t have the densest brows.

Plus, as a makeup artist, I have brow-shaping OCD. I cannot stand a hair out of place. I incessantly gel the hairs in one direction and pluck the awkward, unnecessary stuff that pops up all around.

So, I’ll have to admit, this trend bothers me. I can’t bear to look at it for too long. But I’ve got to do my job, so let’s explore this further, shall we?


So, makeup artist Stella Sironen was going about doing her thing. Her friend-and-colleague ended up creating this brow look that none of them could name or really understand. Hence, she posted it as a playful joke on her page, maybe half serious… I don’t really know.

Sometimes, when you’re grooming makeup-free brows, you end up contorting it, especially if you have a lot of brow to work with, like Stella’s thick brows!


People took it upon them to make this style an actual trend! Stella recently got onto Instagram to clarify things and you can read what she said above. I guess, she’s right. If makeup is supposed to be experimental, then why not brows.

#HauteTip: If you’re recreating this trend, use glue from your home supplies to keep your brows in place. Drag queens have actually been using this trick forever to stick their brows down, cover them with concealer, and then draw new ones on top for that exaggerated look.


Yes, soap is another option. Apart from which, the trend requires basic brow tools.


Of course, the look will turn out differently depending on each individual eyebrow. The point is to create a clean part through the middle, and comb strands on top upwards, and those below, downwards.


This one’s a glitter version and, for all you know, we’ll be seeing a lot of new feather styles in the near future. And if you definitely aren’t looking to recreate this look, then glue and soap are great tools that can be used to tame crazy eyebrow hairs!


Our beauty writer is also an amazing makeup artist (check out some of her awesome videos on the site!). This skincare enthusiast is also a bonafide globetrotter and boss babe.

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