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The Most Efficient Way To Style Your Bangs In Under 2 Minutes!

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Always wanted to get bangs, but just couldn’t find the courage to do it because of all the nightmare stories you’ve heard about maintenance? Ugh, I know. Or maybe you’ve had them and they look great, but they’re a task!

Worry not, we’re here to save the day with a quick and efficient routine to style your bangs. Your fringe will be looking fine as hell in a matter of minutes.

No more getting late to work!

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1. Blow-Dry ASAP

You want to start styling your bangs as soon as you’re out of the shower because they dry super fast, and will start catching their natural shape, which you don’t want.

2. Use This Brush

Use a rounded brush with tightly-packed bristles. This will ensure the best shape and maximum impact, when you dry your hair. Make sure the dryer nozzle faces downwards, and hold it just above your bangs. Then blow dry your bangs with the brush from one side to the other side, taking turns, till it’s straight. As you reach the end, you can turn them in a little, if you’d like.

3. Seal With An Iron

Invest in a tiny flat iron to seal in the look or to style them back in place when you haven’t shampooed, and your style is out of whack!

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4. Use Serum Sparingly

Use product or serum on your hair as usual, but avoid your bangs. At the very end, smooth the leftover product on your hands, into your bangs. If you apply too much, your bangs will end up getting greasy.

#HauteHacks: If you haven’t had any time to dry or iron your hair, then just apply that little leftover product and part your bangs into two. Twist each section outwards and away from the face. Allow them to dry naturally.


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