Editor’s Pick: Zahra’s All Natural Lip Scrub For Winter


 I love winters. It’s my favourite season of the year, because I can finally pull out all my sweaters and jackets from hibernation and layer fun scarves over my everyday wardrobe. My least favourite part? Having to amp up my lazy skincare routine thanks to all the dryness in the air.

Like most women, I suffer from chapped lips thanks to not drinking enough water. And winters make my woes worse. While our beauty writer Bushra Khan just recently wrote about the best lip balms to cure your winter blues, I’m adding another layer by investing in a lip scrub as well.


Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub


I really like the Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub right now, because it’s a great product that exfoliates dry skin on your puckers and prepares them for a nourishing lip balm or lipstick. The scrub is made of very fine cane sugar, olive oil, Kokum seed butter, organic beeswax and fresh fruit and flower juices that gently buff and smooth out your lips. I also like the fact that the brand doesn’t use any synthetic colour, fragrance or preservatives. It just makes me feel better using a product that’s not overly chemical in its complexity.

The texture is smooth with soft granules that don’t feel harsh when you’re buffing all that dry skin. Be sure to gently scrub the balm on and around your lips to smoothen out the entire area. I then gently wipe off the excess balm and top it with Benefit’s Bene Balm for my everyday work look. I especially love using this when I’m going to be wearing a matte lipstick in the evening. It perfectly smoothens and hydrates my lips and prevents my lipstick from flaking or bleeding.

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